Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2506

If Camryn didn’t want to talk, they asked Carrie to sue her.
“Aunt Brenda, Aunt Amy, my dad can be released soon if he rehabilitates himself and gets a commutation of his sentence, but
my mother… the chance of her coming out is relatively small.”
Amy said, “Your mother didn’t behave well inside. The last time Trenton went to see her, she didn’t speak much. Trenton said
she seemed to want to die.”
Carrie said, “It’s impossible. If my mother had a chance to live, she wouldn’t want to die. She couldn’t bear to leave me and my
brother, and she wouldn’t be willing to watch Camryn take over everything in the Newman family.”
Carrie knew her mother, and she believed that her mother would not want to die.
It’s just that her mother was severely sentenced and had little chance of coming out alive.
“Trenton said that your mother’s health has deteriorated a lot and she has lost two pounds… Camryn tore apart a good family.
Why is she so cruel? Her father is already dead. After more than 20 years, your mother is still her biological mother, and she can
be cruel.”
Carrie said nothing.
She knew how much Camryn hated them.
They had also caused misfortune to Camryn before.
The parents’ crime involved not only the death of Camryn’s biological father but also other illegal activities, particularly those of
the mother, who was involved in gangs, kidnapping, intentional injury, etc. Only if the parents were convicted of several crimes
and sentenced harshly.
“Which university did Trenton go to?” Carrie asked about her brother.
When Carrie was in jail, Trenton never visited her once.
Even though the relationship between the siblings was not very good, after their parents died, Carrie and Trenton were the
closest people, and Trenton was cruel and refused to see her.
When Trenton was mentioned, the two aunts looked unhappy.

Brenda said, “Trenton was admitted to a key university, but it’s not in Wiltspoon. The college is in another province. It’s
convenient to take the high-speed rail back and forth. He is biased towards Camryn and listens to her in everything.
When he first learned about your parents, he felt sad and couldn’t accept it, so he didn’t want to see Camryn, his eldest sister.
But when we persuaded him to fall out with Camryn and fight for the power of the Newman family, he didn’t listen to us and also
drove us away.
When Zachary and Serenity held their wedding some time ago, Trenton took leave from college for some unknown reason. Later,
he followed Camryn to York’s house for a wedding banquet. After Zachary’s wedding, he returned to college.
He came to see us before going back to college. He came secretly. He gave us some food, left some money, and then left. If we
didn’t talk about his eldest sister, he would sit there for a while, and when we mentioned his eldest sister, he got up and left.
This child has been drunk by Camryn since he was a child. No matter what Camryn’s attitude is towards him, he will follow her.”
Even their brother and sister-in-law complained in private, thinking that their son owed Camryn in his previous life and that he
was always coveting his eldest sister in this life.
Carrie scolded Trenton, her younger brother: “He and I are siblings from the same father and mother, but he always helps the
blind woman, Camryn. The blind woman doesn’t want to pay attention to him, and he has to follow her, also calling her eldest

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