Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2507

“Whenever I have a conflict with that blind woman, Trenton always helps the blind woman; no matter who is right or wrong, he
blames me, says that I am too bad, says that I have no sisterly love, and even files a lawsuit against me to my father.”
Carrie was also full of dissatisfaction with her younger brother, Trenton.
Brenda said, “Trenton is kind-hearted, but he is rarely at home. I don’t know that his eldest sister, Camryn, is not as good as he
thought. Carrie, I’m worried that you can’t defeat Camryn alone. She now has a war family fortune. Carrie, when you get your
mobile phone and bank card back, go to Trenton’s college to see him.
Trenton is an adult now. Only by joining forces can you two siblings defeat Camryn. After all, you two are siblings of the same
father and mother. You should be of the same mind. Camryn also has a sibling relationship with Trenton. If she has some
scruples, it will be good for you.”
Carrie said, “Only if Trenton is willing to be of the same mind as me. Aunt Brenda, as you said, I don’t know what kind of ecstasy
soup Camryn poured into him so that he would chase Camryn. Camryn has helped him since he was a child. “
Carrie just couldn’t bear to see Trenton being so kind to Camryn, so she asked her parents to send Trenton to boarding school to
reduce the time that her brother spent with Camryn.
“Just coax him more. In short, you two must be of the same mind; otherwise, you won’t be able to fight her.”
Brenda got up to get some money and said to Carrie, “Carrie, rest here; I went to buy groceries.”
Carrie looked at the place where her aunt lived now. Although the rented house was said to have three bedrooms and one living
room, it was a dilapidated house. Even if it was cleaned very well, it still felt dirty to her. How could she rest well here?
She’s not in jail.
She came out, regained her freedom, and became the second young lady of the Newman family again.
But she didn’t show her disdain. She wanted to join forces with her two eldest aunts to deal with Camryn.
“Auntie, let me follow you to buy groceries.” Carrie stood up and said,
Brenda didn’t stop her, so the two aunts took Carrie out to buy vegetables at the vegetable market.
When the aunts and nephew were visiting the vegetable market, photos and videos were secretly taken.

That was when Camryn asked the butler to arrange for someone to follow Carrie to see what Carrie would do.
After the person following Carrie took the photo, he sent the photo and video to the butler, as well as the addresses of the two
aunts of the Newman family’s rental house.
When Camryn received all the photos and videos from the butler, she and Callum had just returned to Wildridge Manor.
Knowing that the two of them would come back for dinner and Callum would have to cook in person, Rosella had already sent
people to buy a lot of ingredients so that Callum could show off his skills.
There were many people in the family, and Callum cooked the food himself. Naturally, everyone had to gather together to eat and
cook more dishes to make the meal more lively.
Just as Callum’s car stopped, he heard the shouts of Serenity and Rosella.
Camryn didn’t care about Callum anymore and got out of the car first.
“Auntie, Seren.”
Camryn smiled and said hello to Rosella, then nodded to Zachary, who was not far away, and called him brother.
Rosella smiled and said, “Camryn, you are both engaged, so you can call me’mom’.”
She knew that this prospective daughter-in-law was not well-connected with her relatives, did not like her mother, and had never
enjoyed maternal love.
She felt very distressed and gave her daughter-in-law as much maternal love as possible.
Camryn changed her tune naturally.

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