Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2509

Zachary refused without thinking. He said, “I’d better walk and watch your sister-in-law from behind. She’s tired from walking, so I
can carry her back.”
Callum: “Brother, you are too doting on your wife. We are about to be swept to death. Leave us a way to survive.”
Serenity was a person who had done boxing and martial arts. Even if she was pregnant, her stomach didn’t show it yet. She was
now expecting again. If she got sick in the morning, it wouldn’t change Serenity’s plan to walk. Why did Zachary have to walk so
far and then have to carry Serenity on his back?
Zachary said innocently, “I just do what I want to do, and I sincerely consider my wife. I don’t want to get involved with anyone.”
After Callum choked, he smiled and said, “Yes, yes, brother, I don’t want to get involved with anyone. Brother, you’re setting an
example for us; we all learn from you. Brother, you really don’t want to get in the car? Then I’ll leave first.”
Seeing that Zachery still refused to go with Callum, Callum had to drive away by himself.
After catching up with the three women in front of him, Callum slowed down and honked the car horn.
Rosella turned around to see Callum, glared at him, and said to him, “Hang the horn; you’re making a lot of noise; don’t scare my
“Mom.” Callum smiled flatteringly. “Would you like to get in the car? Camryn brought a lot of things to you. I can’t carry so much
by myself. I might as well drive to the door of the house and stop.”
“You drive your car. We won’t get in the car. We’ll walk slowly, chat, appreciate each other, and enjoy the scenery.”
Wildridge Manor was full of scenery all year round.
This was not the first time Camryn came to Wildridge Manor, but she had been blind in the past. Even if Callum took her away
and told her what was in the manor, she would not be able to see it.
After regaining the light, she could only see things up close, while things further away still looked blurry.
Walking slowly, she could enjoy the beautiful scenery of the entire manor.
Callum looked at Camryn, and Camryn smiled back at him.

Callum drove away with a smile, fearing that if he walked slowly, his mother would scold him for disturbing their chat.
After honking the horn several times, everyone said he was scared of Camryn.
That was the person he held dear to his heart. He couldn’t bear to scare Camryn. Besides, Camryn wasn’t that weak and
wouldn’t be scared.
“Camryn, this is your home too. When you come back, don’t buy so many things for us. We don’t lack anything. As long as you
young people are free on weekends, come back to accompany us old people, eat, and talk. The new things outside make us
happier than giving us gifts. We are old and don’t like to go out and walk around. We stay in the manor every day, which is very
boring. At most, we can play cards to relieve our boredom.”
Listening to Rosella’s words, Serenity secretly covered her mouth and laughed.
She knew that the elders in the family were living a wonderful retirement life.
Camryn said warmly, “Mom, if you don’t mind, Callum and I will come back on weekends.”
“How can I mind? You are still young and don’t understand the loneliness of us elderly people. When we get older, we will look
forward to having children and grandchildren, and I hope that our children and grandchildren can always accompany us, old
Camryn: “Mom, you are all still young, not old at all.”
The wives of the York family were well-maintained and looked like they were in their thirties.
After Camryn regained her sight, she met her mother-in-law-to-be and marveled at her youth. The mother-in-law and daughter-
in-law stood together like two sisters.
Serenity chuckled at the side. “Camryn, you didn’t hear the key point of Aunty’s words. The key point of her words is that the
house is full of children and grandchildren, and she wants to have grandchildren.”
Camryn’s face flew up. She said generously, “Callum and I can get married at any time, but having children will probably take a
few years.”
“Are you encountering difficulties?” Serenity asked her with concern.

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