Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2511

Camryn looked at her mother-in-law, Rosella.
Rosella understood what she meant by looking at her like this. She tapped her forehead in a funny way and said to her, “Don’t
look at me like this. Don’t tell me that your body can be adjusted well. Even if you really can’t give birth, I can’t despise you. If I
had despised you, I would have stopped Callum when he pursued you.”
I will not let you two develop to this day. When I first met you, you were still invisible, and your aunt Azalea (Evelyn) has been
taking you everywhere to seek medical advice for ten years, but she can’t cure your eyes.
As long as my son likes you, no matter what you are, we will accept you and we will not dislike you; even if you are a man and
Callum likes it, we can all accept it.”
Camryn said movedly, “Mom, thank you for making me feel the warmth of family and maternal love.”
The mother-in-law-to-be loved her as much as her own daughter.
Rosella: “My daughter-in-law, if I don’t hurt, who should I hurt? Camryn, you don’t have to feel burdened. Trust Dr. Carden and
trust us.”
Camryn nodded vigorously.
She believed it!
The three women walked back to the door of the main house in the center while chatting.
Callum was waiting at the door of the house.
All the gifts he bought were placed in the house. Callum was waiting for Camryn.
“Grandma is not in the house.” Camryn saw Callum waiting at the door and asked him.
She had been to Wildridge Manor several times, and she also knew that the York family’s son and Grandma May had a very
good relationship. As long as Grandma May was at home, they usually stayed in the house to talk to her.
“Grandma will be back soon and asked me to cook first.” Callum naturally took her hand and smiled: “I feel like I just came back
to work as a coolie.”

“If you need help, just ask.” Serenity took over what his brother-in-law said: “Your eldest brother is also idle at home; you can ask
him to help.”
“Your father is also idle. Your uncles are idle. When you need someone, go to them. Let’s prepare tea, snacks, and fruits, and
let’s chat.”
It was naturally Rosella who said this. When she ordered Callum around, she was not polite or distressed.
When Grandma May trained these boys, she worked hard, and the results were quite good.
As long as the sons were at home, as parents, all they had to do was ask for anything they needed. With their sons at their
disposal, nothing could trouble these boys.
They could even make their own clothes.
Callum: “…”
He just said one thing and then got a lot of helpers, fearing that those helpers would blame him.
“Mom, Camryn, and I will send things to my third uncle first. We will be back soon.”
Rosella: “Well, go ahead.”

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