Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2517

Callum was not polite to Bowen. He went to pour everyone a glass of warm water, washed the fruits, and brought out some
He glanced at the chess pieces on the chessboard and said with a smile, “Uncle, you don’t want to eat and sleep well on
purpose. This chess game is all about how good you are at chess. I think that by tomorrow, you won’t be able to move the chess
piece you’re holding.”
Haha, Bowen’s chess skills were terrible enough.
Bowen’s face looked ugly, and he stared at Callum.
Bowen would not enjoy Callum making fun of him, no matter how bad his chess skills were. He was an elder, so he still needed
Callum chuckled, touched his nose, and turned to look at Madisyn once more in the hopes that she would assist him in teaching
Bowen a lesson so that Bowen wouldn’t stare him into a hornet’s nest.
Obviously, Bowen’s chess skills were terrible, but he still couldn’t let people tell the truth.
After Madisyn received Callum’s look of help, she said to Bowen, “Husband, put the chess away. I’ll play chess with you another
day when I’m free.”
Bowen said, “Wife, I don’t want to play chess with you anymore. Callum should play with me instead. I’ll spend a day playing
chess with him. Callum, don’t go anywhere this weekend. Come back here and spend a day playing chess with me. If you don’t
want to play chess with me, every time I see you, I will miss you. I will always miss you. I’m feeling sick.”
Callum quickly begged for mercy: “Uncle, Your chess skills are excellent; you are a chess master, and you are the best chess
player in the world. I’m a mean talker; I talk too much, and I know I’m wrong.
You will lose to me in less than three minutes if I play chess with you.
In that case, playing chess with me would be pointless, so let Auntie play with you. Auntie is a master chess player. You and
Auntie find playing chess difficult. You will purposefully lose to us if we, the nephews, ask to play chess with you. There will be no
challenge, and the game of chess will be over in a flash. Uncle, after that, you will decide it is not enjoyable, and you will let us

Madisyn said to Bowen, “Camryn’s eyes are still being treated. Callum has to make medicine for her and take care of her every
day. How can he have time to play chess with you? If you don’t want to play chess with me, wait until the holidays and let Rowan
play chess with you.”
Mentioning his youngest son, Rowan, Bowen shook his head repeatedly and said, “I don’t want to play chess with him. That kid
plays chess in such a reckless manner that he kills me without leaving a single piece of armor behind. Callum and the others
also know how to let go, but that boy won’t let me have a bite.”
Everyone laughed.
Rowan was young and energetic, but he didn’t know how to be polite. If Bowen caught Rowan playing chess with him, Rowan
would naturally attack without mercy and kill Bowen to pieces. He really didn’t care.
Over time, Bowen no longer wants to play chess with his younger son, Rowan.
Madisyn said, “You also know that Callum and the others usually let you go. With your chess skills, I am willing to accompany
you to have fun, but others don’t bother to play chess with you. You can’t taste the taste of losing, and there is no sense of
accomplishment if you win. Okay, put it away quickly; don’t let your nephew and wife see your joke.”
Bowen reluctantly put away the chessboard and said, “You promised to play chess with me when you have time in the future;
you can’t go back on it. Callum, Camryn, you all heard what your aunt said, so you have to testify for me.”
Camryn smiled and said, “Uncle, if Auntie regrets it, we will help you testify to prove that Auntie agreed.”
The pet cat that Madisyn had raised jumped onto the sofa, jumped to Camryn’s side, and then lay down and watched Camryn
Camryn saw how cute the cat was and tried to reach out to touch its head. It narrowed its eyes slightly and seemed to enjoy it.
She picked up the little thing.
She liked this kind of little pet very much. Both her mother and Carrie used to keep it. However, the pets they kept were not close
to her and were very fierce. After the mother and daughter came in, she took all the pets they kept and sold them to someone

Nowadays, apart from the four wolf dogs that are kept to guard the house and the courtyard, there are no other pets in the
Newman family villa.

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