Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2518

“It actually wants you to hold it. It is so contemptuous of others. I’m not even happy to hold it. It even scratches me.” Seeing
Camryn hugging the pet cat, Callum was surprised.
Madisyn smiled and said, “You have kicked it before. It holds a grudge, but it is indeed picky. It likes gentle people.”
“Am I fierce?” Callum felt that he was not fierce.
Madisyn: “Which one of you brothers is truly gentle? It is very smart. It can feel your false gentleness.”
Callum: “…”
Camryn: “Auntie, is it called Kitty? It’s so cute.”
“It’s all white, so I named it Kitty. This type of cat is very adorable. If you like it, ask Callum to buy two for you. They’re very clingy;
when you sit down, they like to sleep next to you or jump into your arms.”
Camryn said with a smile, “I’d better forget it; I don’t have time to raise them now.”
Callum: “My sister-in-law raises the pets, cats and dogs, but she doesn’t have the time to keep them, so she gives them to Mrs.
Lane to take care of them. They are not very close to my sister-in-law, so these pets are kissed by whoever takes care of them.”
“That’s true.” Madisyn remembered Serenity’s two pet cats and a pet dog and said, “Mrs. Lane fed them into pigs. They are too
fat, and we need to help them lose weight.”
Callum and Camryn sat down in the third room. After a while, they stood up and left, returning to the main room of the center.
Callum entered the kitchen and began to prepare for the family dinner in the evening.
Camryn wanted to help, but how could Callum be willing to let her help? Callum asked Serenity to take Camryn out to watch the
In the garden, Camryn and Serenity were relaxing under the pavilion amid rockery fountains, tiny bridges, moving water, and
winding paths and corridors.
This was garden-style.
“Carrie came out early,” Camryn told Serenity.

Serenity was quite surprised. “Isn’t she going to be able to come out next year? She behaved well inside, got her sentence
reduced, and came out early?”
Camryn said, “I guess so; otherwise, she wouldn’t have come out early. After she came out, she came back. I didn’t let her enter
the villa. I might not be able to stop her all the time. I just couldn’t help but embarrass her. Seren, I found that I am also quite
Serenity said, “You are not bad; this is because there are clear grudges. She has done more difficult things to you before, but
you just responded with one or two. What’s so bad? Don’t blame yourself. If it were me, I would do the same thing.”
Camryn said, “That villa was left to me by my father, not their home. They have occupied it for more than 20 years and abused
me. My father knows it well and will probably be angry to death. I will not let them take my things again.
My father originally inherited Newman’s business, so I want to take it back.
Carrie won’t give up when she comes out. I feel very relaxed about dealing with her. I couldn’t see her before. I have never been
afraid of her, and now that I can see her, I am even less afraid of her.”

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