Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2520

Serenity: “Let’s not talk about her anymore; just live your own life first. That is, live your own life well. Those people have been
punished by the law and have the results they deserve. By the way, when your sister comes out, she will probably go to find
Trenton. You call Trenton and tell him.”
Camryn was silent and then said, “She and Trenton are brothers and sisters from the same father and mother. It is normal for her
to go to Trenton. Trenton is now an adult, and he will make his own decisions. As I have always said, I respect all his choices
and decisions.”
Serenity thought for a while and said, “Then let them do it.”
Not all brothers and sisters could be like York’s family, nor could they have as deep a relationship as her sisters.
Although Carrie and Camryn had different fathers, they had the same mother. Moreover, their fathers were brothers, and the
blood of the Newman family flows through them. However, the two sisters got along like enemies.
The old lady and Dr. Carden returned to Wildridge Manor before dark, and Remy also brought Elisa over.
Zachary’s cousins, except for Rowan, who was in school and could not come back, and all the others who were in Wiltspoon
also returned to the Wildridge Manor.
When thousands of houses were lit up, Wildridge Manor became lively.
At the same time, Wiltspoon Hotel,
A man in ordinary clothes walked into the hotel. The hotel has a large flow of people every day, and guests come in and out. This
ordinary man did not attract everyone’s attention.
After he entered the hotel, he walked to the elevator and waited for it. Soon, he took the elevator to the eighth floor. After getting
out of the elevator, he looked around before walking to the door of a room and knocking on the door.
The door opened, and it was a young man who opened the door.
He entered the room. After the door was closed, he said to the young man, “Tell the matriarch Farrell not to use the new mobile
phone number again. I will cancel that number soon. This number is under investigation.”
The young man was surprised and said softly, “You are under investigation so soon?”

The man surnamed Jenkins replied, “This is Wiltspoon, where several major families are criss-crossed. If there is any movement,
everyone knows about it. Camryn is the second young lady in the York family. Anything involving her will alarm the York family.”
After sorting out the relationships between several big families in Wiltspoon, the young man knew that Mr. Jenkins’s words made
sense, so he responded, “Mr. Jenkins, I will tell matriarch Farrell not to use that number again.”
Mr. Jenkins: “Let’s find another way to contact Miss Carrie. The best thing is to arrange for someone to stay with Miss Carrie to
stay at the Newman family.”
If Miss Carrie wanted to return to the Newman family, she would definitely hire a few workers for herself so that she could
compete with Camryn in the ring. She can operate it and let their people be killed by her.
“Let’s wait for the arrangement of Matriarch Farrell.”
Mr. Jenkins nodded. “Tell Matriarch Farrell that I won’t stay too long. I will return to Jensburg early tomorrow morning and ask her
not to stay in Wiltspoon for too long.”
His name was Cody Jenkins, and he was the general assistant of Matriarch Farrell.
After matriarch Farrell came to power, Cody was assigned to matriarch Farrell to help her with plans. He was a special assistant
who was only loyal to Matriarch Farrell. He would do whatever matriarch Farrell asked him to do, even if it was illegal or criminal;
he would not refuse.
Mr. Fraser was Kathryn’s assistant. Matriarch Farrell gave him to Kathryn, which aroused Shiloh’s jealousy.
Before Kathryn came back, Shiloh had always been the young mistress of the Farrell family and the future successor. However,
Matriarch Farrell did not arrange for Mr. Fraser to be with Shiloh, leaving Shiloh, the successor, without a powerful helper.

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