Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2522

After frowning, Matriarch Farrell answered Shiloh’s call.
As soon as the call was connected, Shiloh cried and called her mom on the phone.
“What’s wrong, Shiloh? Who bullied you? Tell mom, I will help you vent your anger when mom comes back.”
Even though Matriarch Farrell was frowning, the way she spoke to Shiloh made it sound like she loved her and would help her
even if the sky fell.
“When will you be back, mom? I was nearly killed by Kathryn while you were away from the house. She intimidated me and
constantly infuriated me. She really irritated me. She was a villain who consistently caused me harm while appearing to be
innocent. Even Dad was so angry with her that he couldn’t eat or sleep. Dad lost a lot of weight, which made me feel bad when I
saw him.
And my brothers and sisters-in-law are always getting into fights with each other, and the eldest sister-in-law has even asked the
eldest brother for a divorce.”
Matriarch Farrell: “Kathryn is so capable? She is just a ball of mud. She can’t help you up the wall. If she has such ability, she
can make you all angry to death, and mom won’t have to worry about taking over. Alas, she didn’t grow up by mom’s side, nor
was she trained by mom since childhood. How do I teach her? I can’t teach you well. If I’m too strict, people outside say I’m
Shiloh sobbed and said, “Mom, Kathryn is so cunning; she is just a villain.”
Matriarch Farrell: “You said Kathryn is picky. The estrangement made your brothers and sisters-in-law quarrel and want a
divorce? What did she say, and what did she do?”
Shiloh replied: “My brother was raising a woman outside, and she exposed it to my sisters-in-law, and then they had a quarrel.
Men like my brother and his friends, who have successful careers and good looks, have nothing to do with raising a thing
“How many people have mistresses and mistresses outside? As for my brother, who just raised one, it’s just a toy, not worthy of
publicity, and it doesn’t pose any threat. I’ve known about it for a long time.”

Matriarch Farrell also knew.
Matriarch Farrell was very strict with her husband. She didn’t let him go outside and didn’t give him too much pocket money. She
always felt that men become bad when they have money.
Her husband often didn’t even have $5000.
But as for her son, she just turned a blind eye, thinking that it was her son who had the ability, and it was the daughter-in-law
who didn’t have the ability to keep her husband close.
“I accidentally hit Kathryn’s car, and she wanted me to pay for her car repairs. I said to her, What should I pay for? If I don’t pay
her, I will pay her. Then I just went shopping and picked out a lot of things. When I was checking out, I found that my bank card
had been frozen.
Mom, why did she freeze my bank card? God knows how embarrassed I was at that time. I was so angry, Mom. Please come
back quickly. You are not at home. I will be abused to death by Kathryn.”
Shiloh was no longer the successor of the Farrell family, and she knew in her heart that she would not be able to share the
Farrell family’s property in the future.
She wanted to take advantage of the fact that her adoptive mother still had feelings for her and still favored her, so she spent
money every day to buy luxury goods, thinking that she would sell the luxury goods, jewelry, and other things for a large sum of
money in the future.
In short, she had to think of a way out for herself.
Kathryn wanted Shiloh to return to her biological mother, but she didn’t want it.
Shiloh’s biological mother came to see her, but she was unwilling to recognize her biological mother and gave her some money
to get rid of the problem.
She was the young lady of the Farrell family. She wanted to live with the Farrell family and enjoy their glory and wealth.
As long as the adoptive mother was alive, she would not be short of money.
As long as Kathryn didn’t take over for a day, she still had a chance.

After all, her adoptive mother loved her the most. Her adoptive mother trained her as she grew up close by.
Kathryn couldn’t compare to her.
Kathryn’s advantage was just that she had the blood of the Farrell family flowing through her body.
Her sisters-in-law told her that she had to fight until the last moment. Even if Kathryn came to power, they told her not to give up.
There was still a chance.
She didn’t believe that a person like Kathryn could support the Farrell family.

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