Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2523

After listening to Shiloh’s complaint, Matriarch Farrell said to her, “Shiloh, did you hit Kathryn’s car on purpose? Her car was a
new luxury car. I went out of my way to coax her last time. If you hit her luxury car and don’t pay her for the repairs, it’s normal for
her to freeze your bank card.
You always do the wrong things and don’t face up to your mistakes. You always feel that others are at fault, and you don’t look
for reasons for yourself.
If you were Kathryn, your new car was hit, and the other party didn’t pay to repair the car for you, would you be angry? With your
character, if someone hits your car and refuses to pay you for repairs, you will be so angry that you tear down other people’s
Matriarch Farrell was scolding Shiloh for being ignorant. Kathryn was her biological daughter and the successor of the Farrell
family. People have the power to freeze the bank cards of anyone in the Farrell family and also have the power to reduce the
pocket money of anyone in the Farrell family.
Of course, she was still the one in charge, and Kathryn currently does not dare misuse this power to financially attack the Farrell
It was during this half month that Kathryn froze Shiloh’s bank card when Matriarch Farrell was not in Jensburg and Shiloh went
too far.
Shiloh on the other side of the phone pouted and said, “Mom, I just accidentally scratched her car, and it wasn’t intentional. The
repair fee doesn’t cost much; it’s only tens of thousands of dollars at most. That’s it.
Is she so short on money? Mom, my pocket money was reduced by half, but she has a lot of money.”
If Kathryn had not been lucky enough to become the daughter of the Farrell family, the Farrell family would have given Kathryn
the monthly pocket money that even Kathryn would not have been able to earn in five years.
Kathryn claimed that she previously held a dead job earning between three and five thousand dollars per month, and the team
leader frequently had to reprimand her.
But she didn’t dare to resign, because if she resigned and went out to find a job, it would still be the same.
Shiloh also got confirmation of this from her own mother, which proved that Kathryn’s previous income was indeed not high.

After the two people exchanged their identities, Shiloh still stayed in the Farrell family as the daughter of the Farrell family, while
Kathryn became the eldest daughter of the Farrell family. After all, she was the real daughter of the Farrell family, and she had to
be ranked first to take over the Farrell Group in the future.
Then the pocket money of the two people changed drastically in an instant.
Kathryn used to earn three to five thousand dollars a month. After deducting various expenses every month, it would be good to
have a thousand dollars left.
After regaining her status as the daughter of the Farrell family, her monthly pocket money was 300,000 dollars, which was
equivalent to 10,000 dollars a day.
In the past, Kathryn had to work for four or five years without eating or drinking to earn this amount of pocket money.
Shiloh’s monthly pocket money was reduced from 300,000 dollars to 150,000 dollars.
Shiloh’s pocket money was half as much as her brothers’, despite being more. Shiloh still felt uncomfortable, but there was
nothing she could do about it. Who said she was not the real daughter of the Farrell family?
In the Farrell family, there was no restriction on Matriarch Farrell’s spending. After all, she had the power. As long as the money
she spent had a clear destination, no one could say anything.
This was the treatment she could enjoy as a family member.
Then the successor’s pocket money was the highest, at 300,000 dollars per month.
The sons of Matriarch Farrell receive $100,000 a month. As for Holden Janzen, who is the son-in-law of the Farrell family,
although he also had a share of $100,000 in pocket money every month, his money was all managed by Matriarch Farrell, and
the regulations were also just for a look. Holden did not enjoy the treatment of $100,000 in monthly pocket money.
The money he had on him did not exceed five hundred dollars a day.
He didn’t dare to cheat out of concern that his wife, Matriarch Farrell, would ask him where the money went if he spent too much.
At first, Holden was not used to being controlled like this by Matriarch Farrell. He once attempted to cheat, but Cody Jenkins, the
assistant working next to Matriarch Farrell, quickly caught him.

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