Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2525

Matriarch Farrell continued: “All the houses in your name have been rented out, and the shops are also for rent. The monthly
rent is tens of thousands of dollars. For ordinary people, that is their annual income, and you are already better than many
Shiloh said aggrievedly, “Mom, do you blame me for spending money?”
Matriarch Farrell said, “I didn’t mean that. I just told you that you’re already above thousands of people and are better than them
Okay, don’t be angry. I will go back in two days. After I go back, I will unblock your bank card and scold Kathryn again to help you
vent your anger, okay? But if you crash Kathryn’s car, you’d better pay for it; otherwise, I won’t be able to help you, even if I want
to help you. After all, she is my biological daughter.”
Shiloh said reluctantly. “I paid the car repair fee to Kathryn. Mom came back to comfort my injured heart.”
Matriarch Farrell said with a smile, “Okay, I will buy you some gifts, just for you. Shiloh, my feelings for you are the deepest. You
were raised by me. No matter when, you always have a place in my heart. Don’t cry; don’t be angry. There’s no point in being
angry with Kathryn. Kathryn has always been criticized by her mother. You finally have the opportunity to be the master of the
family; why don’t you just use chicken feathers as arrows? I will deduct her pocket money when I get back to vent your anger.”
Shiloh’s mood turned brighter.
“Thank you, Mom. I know Mom is the best to me. Mom, I won’t disturb you anymore. You can go to bed early.”
After Shiloh complained to Kathryn, she was comforted by Matriarch Farrell and hung up the phone with satisfaction.
Kathryn wanted to fight with her, but she was still a little too young.
After Shiloh hung up the phone, Matriarch Farrell immediately called Kathryn.
At this moment, Kathryn was in the vice president’s office of Farrell Group.
Her matter had been taken care of long ago.
This time, she was dealing with the company she founded.

The company that Kathryn founded before she returned to the Farrell family was getting bigger and bigger. Although it was not
as good as Farrell Group, Farrell Group had a history spanning over a hundred years (its predecessor was not called Farrell
Group). Even though Farrell Group was now ranking at the bottom among the major groups in Jensburg, the foundation was still
Because Kathryn did not let the Farrell family know about the company she established, she usually handled her work through
the work group. When she was free, she would go back to the company to take a look.
As long as everything was under her control.
The phone rang, and when she saw that it was her mother, Kathryn guessed that it was Shiloh who was complaining to her
She answered her mother’s call.
“What are you doing?”
Matriarch Farrell’s tone was not very good.
Kathryn replied calmly: “I’m still in the company, and some things haven’t been settled yet. Mom, what’s wrong? You look
unhappy. Have you encountered a problem?”

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