Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2528

After putting down the phone, Matriarch Farrell smiled and said with satisfaction, “Kathryn is ruthless.”
She was relieved that her biological daughter was a qualified successor.
With Kathryn’s ruthlessness and cruelty, she felt relieved that the Farrell family was in Kathryn’s hands.
As the descendant of the eldest sister, Audrey wanted to push Liberty out.
Could Liberty compare with Kathryn?
Liberty was a single mother. She had opened a breakfast shop and a restaurant. She was usually very busy. She may not have
enough energy to go to Jensburg to compete with Kathryn for the position of head of the family.
Thinking of this, Matriarch Farrell felt slightly relieved.
Of course, she still had to find a way to eliminate the root cause. As long as the eldest sister’s daughter and granddaughter were
all dead, then the position of matriarch would always be inherited by her blood.
Although it was very difficult, there was always a way to get rid of them!
Kathryn over there also put her phone on the table after her mother hung up the phone.
She leaned back on the black swivel chair and turned the chair back and forth.
Her phone rang again, this time with a new message.
She once more picked up her phone and went through the fresh messages that her assistant, Mr. Fraser, had sent.
Mr. Fraser told her that Mr. Jenkins also went to Wiltspoon but had already flown back to Jensburg overnight.
She also told her that Matriarch Farrell would be back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
Matriarch Farrell did not go well in Wiltspoon. Although she met Mrs. Stone, they parted on bad terms.
After Kathryn received these messages from Mr. Fraser, she was silent for a long time before replying with one word, “Yes.”
Mr. Fraser quickly sent another message and asked her, “Miss, are you unhappy?”

Kathryn: “The villain Shiloh complained first. I was scolded by my mother just now, and I can’t be happy.”
Mr. Fraser asked her again: “Miss, shall I go pick you up now and go for a ride with you?”
Kathryn agreed with him without hesitation.
She had only been back for a meager two years, which was not long enough, and she had only trained a few confidants.
The one she trusted the most was Mr. Fraser.
Mr. Fraser was a few years older than her, and the two of them were both superior and subordinate, as well as friends.
Every time she was scolded by her own mother, Mr. Fraser stayed with her, enlightened her, and comforted her.
Mr. Fraser was her assistant now and in the future. The two have worked together for a lifetime. From the moment Mr. Fraser
came to her side, he would be tied to her for the rest of his life and could only be loyal to her forever.
“Miss, wait for me in the company. I will go there now. It will take about ten minutes. There are many cars on the road, so I can’t
drive fast.”
Mr. Fraser was actually not too far away from Kathryn. Because he had to run errands and do things for Kathryn at any time.

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