Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2529

Kathryn hummed and said to Mr. Fraser, “I want to eat ice cream. On your way here, check to see if there are any shops on the
roadside and buy me the kind that comes in cups. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, as long as it is put in a cup.”
This way, it wouldn’t fall everywhere when Kathryn ate it.
When Kathryn ate ice cream, she liked to eat it in a cup.
If it were normal times, Mr. Fraser would persuade her to eat less cold food. She was obviously in a bad mood tonight, so Mr.
Fraser did not persuade her and responded with a gentle voice.
Kathryn got his response before hanging up the phone.
Putting her phone on the table, Kathryn stood up and walked to the window.
The office building of Farrell Group was naturally not as tall as the office building of Queen Enterprise, but it was several floors
higher than the office buildings of other surrounding companies.
Kathryn’s office was only one floor away from the top floor. Standing in front of the office window and looking out, she could have
a panoramic view of the surrounding buildings.
Jensburg was also a prosperous city.
At night, the lights were bright everywhere, and the streets she could see were full of traffic and lively.
While others were already enjoying it, she was still working overtime in the office.
Although she was the top decision-maker in the company when her mother was away, she was still in a low position. In official
matters, those people would make things difficult for her, especially her three brothers, who would not let her go either overtly or
Join others in not cooperating with her work.
In order to show weakness, every time she faced her brother’s troubles, she would cry on the spot, then run away crying, and
then let another vice president suppress her brothers so that the work could go smoothly and give them the illusion that she
could only pretend to be powerful.
Her brothers didn’t want it to be easy for her, and she didn’t want it to be easy for her brothers either.

They kept a mistress outside, hooked up with each other, and were unfaithful to the marriage. She told her sisters-in-law about
their cheating, causing them to be at odds with each other and noisy. The brothers’ backyard was unstable, and the flowers were
unfaithful. She was less focused on work, and she could catch some evidence of their mistakes.
When her mother came back, she would sue them again.
Her older brother was somewhat capable, and his mother could make good use of him in the business. She and the eldest
brother had the same position among the three vice presidents in the company, and the other vice president was an old minister
in the company.
The arrogant elder brother had to show courtesy in front of the vice president.
Kathryn knew in her heart that her mother would not deal with her brothers.
That was the problem left for her.
After understanding what her mother meant, Kathryn had to sigh. Her biological mother was really cruel.
No wonder she was able to kill her sisters and climb to the position of head of the family. Over the years, she had firmly held the
power of the Farrell family in her hands, making it very difficult for others to resist.
Behind the scenes, many people secretly spoke ill of her mother.
But in front of her mother, those people would only be respectful and ambitious, but they would not dare to take action.
They were all afraid of her mother’s tricks.
Kathryn, the daughter of Matriarch Farrell, was destined to take over.
Kathryn found that she was becoming more and more cruel and ruthless.
Those who achieve great things can’t be soft-hearted.
After a few minutes of standing by the window, Kathryn changed her mind, went back to her desk, turned off her laptop, and put
it in her laptop bag. She then grabbed her cell phone and car keys, lifted her laptop bag, and walked out of the office.
Her secretary had gone off work.

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