Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2538

Zachary didn’t have to go to work. The couple spent all day together, as if they were conjoined.
The young couple had breakfast in the room before going downstairs together.
Zachary didn’t forget to pack the dishes and take them downstairs.
While Tania was holding Sonny, Liam and Tania were chatting with Liberty and Duncan in the first floor hallway.
Serenity heard her mother-in-law say in a distressed tone on the stairs, “Sonny has lost a little weight recently. Sonny, you should
eat more at lunch. You are at home during the holidays these two days. Eat and drink well. You’ve lost so much weight that I feel
distressed just looking at you.”
Liberty smiled and said, “Auntie, he has not lost weight; he has gained a few kilograms.”
When the elders see the younger generation, they always feel that the younger generation has lost weight, and then they try to
replenish their bodies and make them eat more.
“Sonny isn’t fat either. Besides, children will be cute if they have some fat. I like cute little ones who are white and chubby.” After
saying that, Tania kissed Sonny’s little face again, smiled, and said to Sonny, “Sonny, you don’t have to listen to your mother; you
are not fat at all; you have to eat more; eat more to be tall and grown up.”
Sonny said sweetly, “Grandma, I am very good at eating, even better than my aunt.”
“Really? You can eat more than me. We’ll have to compete later to see who eats more.” Serenity took over what her nephew
Sonny looked up and saw his aunt coming down from upstairs. She immediately slipped from Tania’s arms and ran to Serenity
The adults repeatedly reminded Sonny not to run so fast and to be careful about falling.
Tania was worried that his daughter-in-law would hurry down the stairs, so she reminded Serenity: “Serenity, be careful where
you step.”
Serenity had already walked down the stairs, and Sonny also ran to her, stretching out his hands for her to hug.

The servant saw the tray Zachary was holding and quickly stepped forward to take the tray from Zachary’s hand and take it into
the kitchen to clean.
Zachary lifted Sonny as soon as Serenity picked him up, and Sonny fell into his arms.
“Seren, Sonny is getting heavier and heavier. If you are like this now, hold him less.” Zachary said warmly and then said to
Sonny, “Sonny, the little sister in your aunt’s belly was not born yet. Before, don’t let your aunt hug you and your uncle hug you.”
Sonny was not angry when his uncle took him from his aunt. When he heard Zachary talking about his little sister, he said
seriously, “Uncle, my aunt doesn’t have a little sister in her belly.”
Zachary: “Why don’t you have a little sister?”
“There’s just no little sister, just a little brother.”
Zachary: “Is it true that there is no little sister?”
Sonny remembered that when he met Alice, he also said that Alice had a little brother in her belly. Alice really had given birth to a
Sonny’s little mouth spoke very well. Although he knew that it would be difficult for him to conceive a daughter, before the child
was born, he at least had some illusions. Now that Sonny said this, Zachary’s illusions were shattered.
Sonny said, “However, my mother said that my uncle likes my little sister and asked me not to say in front of you that the baby in
my aunt’s belly is a little brother. Only if I say little sister will my uncle be happy. However, my mother and teacher also said that
children cannot lie. Be an honest child; I am an honest child.”
So Sonny told the truth. He just felt that what was in his aunt’s belly was a little sister.
Zachary and Serenity looked at each other, and Serenity smiled and said, “I knew it was a fantasy.”
Although she was only eight weeks pregnant and the baby was not yet formed, her instinct was that it was a son.
The strong genes of their York family for having children were not so easy to break.

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