Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2539

Sonny acted like an honest child. After he finished speaking, he looked straight at Zachary and asked carefully, “Uncle, are you
Because my aunt didn’t give birth to a little sister.”
Zachary walked to everyone with Sonny in his arms, then sat down on the sofa and let Sonny sit on his lap.
He waited until Serenity sat down next to him before he answered Sonny’s question.
Zachary said, “Uncle is not angry. Although uncles prefer daughters, sons are also very good. It would be nice for your aunt to
have a little brother as cute as you.”
In fact, Zachary didn’t dare to hold out hope.
It was only after the master was invited by grandma to tell their fortunes that the couple had such extravagant hopes.
In Serenity’s words, the couple fell in love for a year before getting pregnant. Whether it was a boy or a girl, it was the fruit of
their love.
Sonny breathed a sigh of relief.
He slipped off Zachary’s lap, walked to Liberty’s side, and said to her, “Mom, neither aunt nor uncle are angry. Don’t teach me to
lie in the future.”
Everyone laughed.
Liberty’s face turned red as she smiled.
She stretched out her hand and pinched Sonny’s little face and said to him, “Go out and play; don’t run so far.”
Sonny pouted, “It’s not fun for me to be alone. Mom, why don’t you stay with me?”
Liberty said: “Mom wants to chat with your aunt, and you go out and play by yourself.”
Sonny still didn’t want to leave. Wildridge Manor was fun, but he was alone there. No matter how fun it was, there were few
people, and it wasn’t lively.

Zachary said with a smile, “Your Ninth Uncle Rowan is on vacation this week. He should get up at this time. You go to your Ninth
Uncle to play, or ask the butler uncle to help you call your little playmates over and go to the playground to play.”
Many of the workers who work at York’s house have children.
It’s just that they usually didn’t dare let their children enter the manor to play in the children’s playground, even if the owner was
very kind, unless they received an invitation.
For example, when Sonny came to play, the butler would allow the workers’ children to enter the manor and play with Sonny in
the children’s amusement park for a few days.
Normally, if Rowan and Grandma May were at home, the children would be allowed to come in and play, but the butler told them
to only play in the children’s amusement park and not to run around, lest Rowan would be angry.
Not only the butler gives instructions, but the workers also give instructions to their children.
Hearing that Zachary was at home on vacation, Sonny immediately said, “I’m going to play with Uncle Rowan.”
Rowan was not yet an adult, and a teenager couldn’t play with a three-year-old like Sonny, but he could play, and Sonny liked to
play with him.
Zachary ordered the butler to send Sonny to his third uncle Bowen’s house.
Let Rowan take Sonny around to play, so he won’t disturb the adults chatting.
Sonny ran out quickly.
Zachary looked at Duncan and said to him, “Duncan, you haven’t been here for a long time. You and my sister must come here
more often in the future.”
Tania also said about Duncan: “You, Zack, and Josh are the best buddies. You buddies have become strangers recently, so you
need to keep in touch with each other more.”
Everyone knew that the reason Duncan rarely came to Wildridge Manor was because he had difficulty moving.
He was worried that his coming would affect everyone’s mood and would require others to take care of him, which would drag
everyone down.

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