Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2541

Serenity smiled and said, “I’m not a strict wife to him, and I don’t control him that strictly. But he always uses his sister-in-law as
an excuse for things he doesn’t want to do. He often says, ‘My wife doesn’t like me smoking,’ ‘My wife doesn’t like me drinking,’
‘I’m not socializing; I want to go home to be with my wife.’ Anyway, he uses his sister-in-law as an excuse.”
“Josh.” Jasmine smiled and scolded her husband, “If you don’t speak, no one will think you are mute.”
Josh laughed. “I’m just afraid that people will think I’m mute, so I have to talk.”
Duncan said to Josh, “You make it sound like you won’t use your wife as a shield. Who in Wiltspoon doesn’t know that you and
Zack are both strict wives, wife slaves, and notoriously doting on their wives?”
It’s just a hundred steps to laugh at fifty steps.”
Josh smiled. “Duncan, you are biased. You are siding with Zachary, and your brother-in-law and brother-in-law are ganging up on
Duncan’s face turned red due to his teasing.
Liberty was very calm.
The matter between Liberty and Duncan was already acquiesced in the eyes of those who were familiar with it.
Even people who knew it regard the two as a couple.
“You young people, go outside and play. We are too old to interrupt, and we think you are noisy.” Tania smiled and drove the
young people out.
Zachary called Callum again and called Callum and Camryn over.
Then a few young people sat down under a pavilion in the yard, sipping fragrant tea, chatting, and enjoying the weekend
vacation leisurely.
At the same time, the security booth at the foot of Wildridge Manor stopped a taxi.
The person sitting in the back of the taxi pressed down the window and shouted at the security guard at the security booth, “Hey,
that watchdog, quickly open the barrier for me; we have to go up the mountain!”

The security guard was angry when he was called a watchdog.
Even though they were security guards, they performed important work and deserve respect from everyone. Some people had
low quality. When talking about security guards, they were always called watchdogs.
When they worked at Wildridge Manor, even Grandma May treated them with great courtesy. Were these people more noble
than Grandma May? Why do they call him a watchdog?
Although the security guard was angry, his professionalism kept him polite. He said to the man with a fierce face, “Which family
do you belong to, sir? Who are you looking for? Our rules here are that strangers must register with me before they can go up
the mountain.”
This was their first level.
Even if they went up the mountain, there was a security booth halfway up the mountain, and there was a security room at the
entrance of the manor. At the foot of the mountain, there were security booths halfway up the mountain. They just needed to
register, and they would be released.
It was not that easy to get past the security room at the entrance of the manor. You have to go through the butler. The butler
asked the owner what he wanted and got permission before entering the manor.
Not everyone could enter the mansion of the richest man in York’s family.
No matter how beautifully built it was, it was still someone else’s residence. It was not a tourist attraction.
The car door opened.
A young woman got out of the car.
The security guard looked at her very strangely, making sure that he had never seen her before and that it was also his first time
at the manor.
Young women were unfamiliar to them. They know the temperaments of several young masters, so they must do their jobs well
and ask questions before letting them go up the mountain.

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