Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2542

Who knew if this girl might be the suitor of a certain young master?
This young woman was Carrie.
After Carrie got off the car, she walked straight to the window of the security booth and slapped the security guard with the
mobile phone in her hand.
The security guard didn’t expect that she would hit someone. She slapped him for being unprepared. After reacting, the security
guard immediately got up and backed away, avoiding Carrie’s second attack.
The security guard: “Why did you hit me, miss?”
“What’s wrong with just beating you like a watchdog? I’m telling you, let me go immediately! Do you know who I am? I am the
younger sister of your second young mistress, her biological sister! I am the biological sister-in-law of your second young master.
You dare to stop me? If you don’t let me go up the mountain, you’re looking for a beating!”
The second young mistress’ biological sister?
In the past, the Newman family had not been friends with the York family. After Camryn and Callum got engaged, most of the
workers in the manor only knew that the second young mistress had a younger brother who was in college, but they had not
heard the second young mistress mention her younger sister.
The security guard had never heard of it either.
The man in the passenger seat and the man in the back seat also got out of the car.
The taxi driver quickly said, “If you can’t drive up the mountain, I won’t go up. You pay me the fare and walk up the mountain.”
“That’s not possible. It’s so tiring to walk up the mountain. Just wait there and take us to the entrance of the villa in a while. Then
I’ll pay you the fare.”
Carrie didn’t want to walk up the mountain.
This mountain may not look high, but walking on it was very tiring.
She was not as pampered as before, but now that she was out and she was the second young mistress of the Newman family,
why was she still walking up the mountain?

There was no car available, and she could only take a taxi. Carrie felt extremely wronged.
The taxi driver had no choice but to continue waiting.
After talking to the taxi driver, Carrie ordered the security guard arrogantly again: “Let us go right away. I am the second young
mistress of the Newman family and Camryn’s biological sister. I tell you, if you don’t let me go, I’ll tell Camryn, and she will
definitely sue you and let you go home and eat your own food.”
When the security guard saw that Carrie was no longer taking action, he walked back to the table, took out the visitor registration
book and a pen, put them in the window, and said to Carrie, “No matter who you are, this is our rule here: visitors are welcome.
You need to register. If you register well, I will naturally let you pass.”
“If you want to break through and have such courage, I’ll not give you the pass.”
Anyway, he had worked in Wildridge Manor for many years, and he had never seen anyone dare to break into Wildridge Manor.
Carrie was about to hit someone again, but her two cousins, Owen and Pablo, held her back.
“Carrie, don’t make trouble with him here; it’s boring.” Owen said.
Owen, the eldest son of Brenda, was a ferocious-looking man.
Brenda and Amy arranged for Owen and Pablo to accompany Carrie to Wildridge Manor. Last night, these two people
accompanied Carrie back to the Newman family villa, thinking of poisoning the four wolf dogs at night and then climbing in
through the door.
As a result, they didn’t see the four wolf dogs guarding the door, so they thought the wolf dogs were tied up.
Then they boldly opened the door and went in.
Who knew that when they opened the door and walked into the middle of the yard, the four wolf dogs rushed towards them while
Owen and his cousin, Pablo, ran fast and rushed to the door, climbed over it, and fled.
But Carrie couldn’t run fast enough. She ran to the door and climbed onto the door. The wolf dog jumped up and bit her, dragging
her from the door to the ground.

Four wolf dogs would have torn Carrie apart last night if the butler hadn’t heard the dogs barking and quickly gone outside to

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