Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2543

Even so, the wolf dog bit Carrie’s foot.
Camryn was not at home, and the butler did not let Carrie enter the house without her consent. He only paid Carrie to go to the
hospital for vaccinations.
Carrie was so frightened by the wolf dogs that she took the money the butler gave her for vaccinations and ran away quickly.
Before running away, she said harshly that she would settle the score with Camryn.
She returned to the Newman family villa this morning with her two cousins, only to discover that Camryn wasn’t there last night
and had followed Callum back to Wildridge Manor for the weekend.
Carrie was so angry.
Immediately, she took her two cousins, hailed a taxi, and went straight to Wildridge Manor.
Camryn raised a wolf dog and bit her. She wanted to settle the score with Camryn and also complained to the wives of the York
family to let them clearly see the viciousness under Camryn’s kind appearance.
No matter how bad the relationship between the two sisters was, they were still sisters. They were biological sisters, born to the
same mother.
Camryn actually raised a dog to bite her. She was so vicious. How dare the York family want such a daughter-in-law?
Owen picked up a pen and wrote down their names and contact numbers in the visitor registration book.
After looking at it, the security guard let them pass.
The taxi driver took three people up the mountain.
Owen said to Carrie, “Carrie, this is the territory of the York family. Calm down your temper and don’t do anything. If you do, the
three of us will only suffer. The security guard also has a good temper. Seeing that you are a girl, he didn’t argue with you;
otherwise, even if he doesn’t call the police and call their colleagues, we won’t get any good results.”
Carrie curled her lips and said, “Now I am bullied by a tiger, and it was Camryn who hurt me. If it weren’t for her and Serenity, I
would still be the second Miss Newman in the Newman family, and I don’t have to be stopped by a security guard when I go in.”

When both cousins stared at her, Carrie said impatiently, “I know, I won’t do it again. I didn’t hit her hard just now. The watchdog
dodges fast. If he dodges slowly, a little bit, I really want to blow his head off. He’s just a watchdog. What’s the big deal? How
dare he stop us from coming?”
“These are people’s rules.” The taxi driver couldn’t help but say something. He said, “I have sent guests here in the past, and
they just registered honestly and passed by. But you still cursed and beat people. Fortunately, the security guard has a good
temper; otherwise,
Carrie quickly said, “Driver, mind your own business.”
Everyone blamed Carrie, which made her look very unhappy, and scolded the taxi driver.
She also had to rely on her two cousins to give her courage. She couldn’t scold her cousin, and the taxi driver was nothing but
someone who had the nerve to preach to her.
The taxi driver stopped talking.
Thinking of such a person, even if she were sent to the gate of Wildridge Manor, she might not be able to get in.
However, it had nothing to do with him.
He sent them to the gate of the villa, received the fare, and ran away, too lazy to care about them anymore.
When he saw that they were blocking the car in the future, he would rather not do their business than pick them up again.
There were no buses or taxis here, unless they booked a taxi to come over, but it would take time for the taxi driver to come over,
so these three people should wait for the taxi slowly when they leave!
Halfway up the mountain, there was another security booth.
This time, even though Carrie had some objections in her heart and disliked going up a mountain and being stopped again and
again, she didn’t dare to be as arrogant as before, and she didn’t get out of the car.
It was Owen who got off the car to register.
He had the best temper among the three.

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