Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2544

After a few minutes, the taxi driver sent the three of them to the entrance of the villa.
“Guys, we’re here. One of you can pay the fare.”
The two cousins got out of the car on their own.
They were just acting as bodyguards for Carrie and emboldening her. There is no need to pay for running errands, but no more
money could be taken out of their pockets.
They were no longer young masters from wealthy families. They bid farewell to the days of spending money like water. They
worked on their own and earned a monthly salary of several thousand dollars. They also had to support their wives and children,
so they had to save money.
Unlike Carrie.
No matter how bad the quarrel between her and Camryn was, even if she couldn’t enter the Newman family’s villa, she was still
the second young lady of the Newman family, and she could get a share of the Newman family’s property.
As long as she returned to Newman’s house and got back her bank card, mobile phone, and car keys, she would have endless
Carrie should pay for the fare.
Carrie saw her two cousins getting off the taxi and made it clear that they would not pay the fare. She curled her lips, cursed in a
low voice, and reluctantly paid the fare.
The driver received the fare, and after she got off the taxi, he quickly turned around and drove down the mountain.
Owen suddenly said, “Hey, driver, don’t leave yet; wait here; we will take your car back to the city later.”
They couldn’t take a taxi here.
The York family had many vehicles, but they wouldn’t let them use them, let alone send them back to the city.
Pablo and Carrie also reacted and wanted to keep the taxi driver. Unfortunately, the taxi driver stepped on the accelerator and
ran very fast, not wanting to do their business at all.

“Running so fast to be reincarnated” After failing to stop the taxi driver, Carrie cursed loudly while driving.
The driver said, “Okay, let’s make an appointment for a ride later.”
Owen said, “Carrie, you really need to control your temper and accept the reality. Now that my uncle has entered, Camryn is the
head of the Newman family, and you still suffer a big loss like before. No one can help you.
Even if you have to pretend, you still have to pretend and coax Camryn. Otherwise, how can you live if you can’t even get in?”
They couldn’t afford to support this hot-tempered cousin.
Although Carrie was not as idiotic as before after being imprisoned for more than half a year, her temper was still too bad.
During the time when Carrie was in jail, she went from being arrogant at the beginning to being beaten down and then
suppressing her bad temper, making her look very honest.
But as soon as she came out, her bad temper returned to its original state.
It’s easy to change a country, but it’s hard to change one’s nature.
Carrie said, “It’s not like you don’t know about the festivals between Camryn and me. We haven’t had a good relationship since
we were young. She doesn’t see me as a sister, and I don’t regard her as a sister. During the festivals for more than ten years,
even if I humiliate her, she will not be deeply attached to my sister.”
She still had this self-awareness.
Carrie said, “I am the second young lady of the Newman family. The property of the Newman family was left to me and Trenton
by my parents, and it is not her turn to inherit it yet. Two cousins, I tell you, as long as you help me, we can get everything back.
You two have worked at Newman’s for so many years, and you have worked hard without any credit. It is so ruthless for Camryn
to kick you out of the company as soon as she takes over.
If I take over Newman’s company, I will immediately invite you back, arrange the positions of senior executives, and let you help
me take care of the company’s affairs.”
Carrie made a blank promise.

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