Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2551

The security guard heard Carrie making a fuss at the door and called the butler. The butler said, “If she makes any noise again,
drive her away.”
Owen saw this and said to Pablo, “Why did you instigate her to go there and make a noise? It offended the people inside, and
we have nothing to gain.”
Pablo said bitterly, “What do we have to be afraid of now? The company is gone. We have lost our house and car; what else can
they do to us? Are we going to lose our jobs? The worst we can do is collect scraps, which is also very profitable. I’m afraid that
by then we won’t even be able to collect scraps.”
Owen sighed and said, “It’s not like you don’t know the tricks of these people. Go, take Carrie away, take her down the mountain,
and don’t let her make a fuss there.”
Pablo pursed his lips and said nothing.
“Think about it; we have to use her to fight with Camryn so she can win the rightful fight. We are just nephews and can’t compete
with their daughters.”
After listening to Owen’s advice, Pablo and Owen went over together, covered Carrie’s mouth again, and forcibly dragged her
This time, the two cousins dragged Carrie down the mountain.
Carrie was a weak woman, not as strong as her two cousins. After being dragged for a while, in order to feel better, she agreed
to follow them away, and the two cousins let her go.
Knowing that Carrie had no benefits for them now and that they would never please her like before, Carrie followed them
Rosella also knew that Carrie went to Wildridge Manor to make a fuss.
Her daughter-in-law didn’t want to see Carrie, so she let Carrie make a fuss, which wouldn’t last more than a few minutes.
The happy weekend passed quickly.

Monday comes.
The young people who were on vacation at Wildridge Manor returned to the city from Wildridge Manor on Sunday night.
At 7:30 in the morning, Camryn got in the car and was going to visit the flower shop. In the afternoon, she had to go to the
company and would have to go for several days.
She thought about bringing a bouquet of flowers from the flower shop to the York Corporation, telling Callum that she was going
on a business trip for several days, giving him a bouquet of flowers, and coaxing him so as not to make him sad.
As soon as the door of the villa opened, Carrie, who was hiding at the door, took the opportunity to rush in.
Camryn didn’t panic and just asked the driver to stop.
After the driver stopped the car, she still sat in the car and just pressed the window.
Soon, she heard Carrie yelling, “Let me go. Why are you driving me out? This is my home, and Camryn, you’re the one who
should get out. This is my house, and it’s not your house. You’re occupying my house!”
Carrie rushed into the Newman family villa. Unfortunately, before she could run far, the butler and another servant caught her
and pushed her out.
Carrie kept struggling.
She couldn’t break free.
It’s Monday. Her cousins all had to go to work, and her two aunts also had to go to work, so no one could accompany her.
She waited at the door of the villa at dawn to prevent anyone inside from discovering it. Finally, when Camryn was about to go
out, she took advantage of the door of the villa to open. She rushed in, thinking that she had gone in, but she never thought that
the servant had stopped her and driven her out.
Seeing that there was no hope of getting in, Carrie rushed to Camryn’s car window angrily and reached in to pull Camryn’s hair.
Camryn didn’t even look at her at first, but she accurately grabbed her hand without her hair being pulled.
With a strong pull, Carrie’s whole body was pressed against the car window, and she suddenly screamed in pain.

“Blind woman, let me go, let me go!”
Camryn had always been very strong.

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