Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2553

Camryn said, “Before my father died, he made a will. His personal property before marriage was all left to me. It was your mother
who bullied me because I was young and took over my family property. As for your mother and my father’s joint property, your
mother has already taken away the other half.”
Camryn was only two years old when her father died, but when he made his will, many people were present. Many people could
not understand her father’s decision to make a will at such a young age. Her aunt said that it was because her biological father
loved her as a daughter so much that he made a will in advance at a young age.
He left all his personal property before marriage and half of the joint property after marriage to her.
Her grandparents bought this villa to serve as a wedding venue for her father. Naturally, it was his personal premarital property
and was left to her.
There were also Newman’s shares, which were also her father’s personal property before marriage and were also given to her.
Although the Newman family did not have as much money as they did later, they were not poor either.
The value of her father’s personal property had increased countless times.
Camryn’s response left Carrie with a look of disbelief on her face.
The house they had been living in belongs to Camryn?
She hadn’t heard her parents mention it.
Such a large villa actually belonged to Camryn personally?
After a long while, Carrie regained her senses. She said in disbelief, “How is it possible? I was born here and grew up here. This
is my home. When did it become your home? You lied to me. You are occupying my house and making up random things.”
Camryn said, “Can you open the password door in your parents’ room? I dare say the real estate deed is locked in the safe in
your parents’ room. Go open the safe and take it out. You’ll know just by looking at it.”
Camryn knew that her father had a will, but the property certificate for her house was not in her hands.
She heard from her aunt that because she was only two years old, even though her father had transferred the house to her
name when he was still alive, because she was too young, her mother should hold the property certificate.

She had never seen the real estate certificate. She was blind and couldn’t see it.
Her vision had returned to normal now, but her stepfather and mother’s room had a password lock, and she didn’t know the
password and couldn’t get in.
Callum said to ask someone to come and tear down the door.
Camryn thought about waiting for her brother to come back and ask him if he knew the password; she would open the door.
Carrie came out early, so she could use Carrie to go in and open the door, and then ask Carrie to clear out all their things. From
now on, this home would only be her and Trenton’s home.
Of course, if Trenton didn’t want to live in the same family as her eldest sister, it didn’t matter to her.
When Trenton graduated, Camryn would give him her brother’s share of the property, and he would make his own arrangements.
If he wanted to buy a house or car and reinvest, he could do whatever he wanted without her interfering.
“Of course I know. After you let me in, I opened the door to my parents’ room. I want to take out the real estate certificate and
see whose name is on it.”
Carrie thought that Camryn was blind, even if she opened the door to her parents’ room and got the real estate certificate.
Camryn couldn’t see whose name it belonged to. She said it belonged to her parents. What could Camryn do?
If Camryn’s biological father had been so smart and had foresight, he would not have been killed by her parents.
Camryn’s biological father was not prescient. He knew that he and his wife belonged to him, and she didn’t want to. He probably
only had one child in his life, his daughter. Out of love for her, he would give up all the names in his name early. The property
was left to his only child.
It’s just that he didn’t expect that his love for his daughter would actually reserve a share of the family property for her. When his
daughter became an adult, she would become strong and be able to take back everything that belonged to her.
Camryn said calmly, “Carrie, I will make you convinced.”

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