Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2556

Carrie desperately wanted to protect the money, but she was no match for the strength of two servants.
She didn’t know where Camryn hired a servant with such strength.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash were all taken back.
“This is my home, and what is in my home is my property. Carrie, thank you for opening the door for me. I will give this bag to
you for opening the door.”
Carrie was so angry that she wanted to strangle Camryn to death.
It was obviously a bag she bought with money, but the shameless Camryn actually said it would be given to her.
“If you stare at me again, I will even take my bag back. Should you get out by yourself, or should I have someone take you out?”
Camryn spoke with a chuckle, but her words fell into Carrie’s ears. It was as cold as ice, which made Carrie feel chilled.
Both aunts said that the most ruthless one was Camryn.
Carrie now learned and understood that the most ruthless person was Camryn, who didn’t care about the relationship between
sisters at all!
“You don’t need to rush me. I’ll go by myself. Camryn, everything in the Newman family doesn’t belong to you alone. Just wait for
me, and I will get back what belongs to me and my parents.” Carrie said. She hugged her bag tightly and walked out angrily.
She wanted to file a lawsuit and divide the family property!
Camryn smiled; she was not afraid that Carrie would file a lawsuit and fight her for the family property.
Everything in the Newman family was already under her control.
Even if Carrie filed a lawsuit to take away the property belonging to her parents, she would tell Carrie that those illegal
companies were the property of Carrie’s parents and had been sealed up long ago. Most of the shares of the companies that
had not been sealed up belonged to Camryn.
Carrie still wanted to divide the money with Trenton. If it were really divided into Carrie’s hands, it would be much less than she

Save it as a surprise for Carrie; don’t rush to tell her now.
When Carrie got her share of the property, she wouldn’t be able to hold on to it. After losing all her property, it depended on how
much Carrie could do, but she wouldn’t be able to do it anymore because, after the lawsuit, it was clearly divided.
Even if Carrie did not lose the family fortune, Camryn would still take it back from her, and it would still be fair and honest.
Carrie walked out of the Newman family villa under the gaze of two servants, and Camryn let her drive away.
It’s easy to drive away, but difficult to keep. It depended on whether Carrie could make enough money to keep her luxury car.
After Carrie drove out of the Newman family villa, she stopped on the side of the road. She first took out her mobile phone. The
phone was out of battery. She took out the charger, plugged it into the car to charge, then turned on the phone and called Mrs.
Janzen, but who knew the person who answered the phone was a stranger?
Carrie: “Where’s Mrs. Janzen? Please put Mrs. Janzen on the phone.”
“I don’t know who Mrs. Janzen is. You dialed the wrong number. This number is a new one I bought,” the person on the other
end said.
After the conversation, the person hung up the phone immediately.
Wrong call?
Did she remember it wrong?
She remembered this number.
Carrie was determined to fight again, but she couldn’t get through. The other party must have blocked her.
Could it be that Mrs. Janzen canceled the number and someone else then bought it?
But why did Mrs. Janzen cancel this number?
Why didn’t Mrs. Janzen notify her before canceling this number?
Could it be that Serenity knew that Mrs. Janzen wanted to join forces with her?

Serenity was clairvoyant and had good ears, so she found out about it so quickly!
Carrie was puzzled.

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