Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2558

Brenda was afraid her sister-in-law wouldn’t be able to come out alive.
Deep down, Brenda actually disliked her elder sister-in-law. She felt that Mrs. Newman was a beauty. Mrs. Newman first married
her younger brother and killed him, then married her eldest brother. and the eldest brother had now also been taken to prison.
Although the eldest brother couldn’t escape his involvement in his younger brother’s death, the source of the trouble was still
Mrs. Newman.
The eldest brother teamed up to kill his younger brother in order to be honest with Mrs. Newman.
It would be great if he could take revenge on Camryn.
Thinking that Camryn was now the prospective second young lady of the York family, with the York family as their backer, they
were afraid that they would not have the chance or the courage to take revenge on Camryn.
Brenda mentally called her eldest niece a b!tch hundreds of times to relieve her anger.
Camryn could guess where Carrie would go after leaving the Newman family, and she didn’t care.
Let the two elder aunts suck all of Carrie’s blood.
In the past, when the two eldest aunts had money at home, they always wanted to take advantage of their parents’ family and
get benefits.
Now both families have become working people. They were used to living a wealthy life, and they always dreamed of returning to
the world of rich people. Carrie asked them for help; wouldn’t it just suck their blood?
When the time came, Carrie took the meager property that was assigned to her and was sucked clean by the two families. It was
their dog-eat-dog time, and she just watched the show from the sidelines.
Camryn and Trenton had said that she would not give them anything that belonged to her, and she would return anything that did
not belong to her to him.
Seeing that the big house where her mother lived before was magnificently decorated, but she, the real owner of the villa, was
forced to live in the same room with the nanny, Camryn ordered the butler: “Clean this room; this room needs to be redecorated.”
This large room was the master room.

Camryn first asked people to move the safe back to the room where she was currently living. She did not touch her mother’s
precious jewelry and kept it for Trenton to keep.
Before vacating her mother’s room, Camryn also sent a message to Trenton, telling him that she wanted to clean out his parents’
It took Trenton a while to reply to her.
“Sister, please let my parents’ belongings be moved into my room. No matter how sorry they are to you, they are still my
Camryn replied, “That’s okay, then move it into yours. ” Go to the room; I want to redecorate the master room.”
Trenton sent a voice message: “Sister, you can do whatever you want; it is your home; you can do whatever you want; I have no
objection. Sister, did something happen this morning?”
The eldest sister was now in charge of the Newman family after the parents and second sister entered, and the makeup of the
family had also changed. Callum, the brother-in-law who could both look out for and defend his sister, brought in a large number
of new members to the family.
His eldest sister was not a petty person. After she had taken revenge, she would no longer care about small things. She had not
cleaned her parents’ room for such a long time. Early this morning, she suddenly had to clean out her parents’ room and
redecorate it. Trenton guessed that something must have happened.

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