Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2560

“In short, our Newman family’s property cannot let my second sister lose. And our two eldest aunts will definitely coax my second
sister and suck all her blood. She will give everything to others without coaxing or being coaxed.”
Trenton did this just to protect the Newman family’s property.
His parents were still alive, so the only thing he could do was let his parents transfer all the property in his name, and then he
transferred it to Camryn. He could trust Camryn as a person, and it was not Camryn’s thing, and Camryn would not be greedy for
There was no need for Camryn to be greedy for him now. His brother-in-law’s family had so much money, and the eldest sister,
Camryn, was the second young lady of the York family, and she still looked down on the little wealth he could get.
“Sister, how much legal property do my parents still have?” Trenton thought of the businesses his parents had run before. Some
of them were illegal and had been sealed up. The illegal income had also been confiscated. He could inherit it. It was the legal
income of the parents.
Camryn replied, “Their illegal business and all the proceeds have been seized and confiscated. Newman’s company did not
break the law. Fortunately, your father listened to the advice and did not let Newman’s company touch the illegal business.
My dad holds the majority of the shares in Newman’s Enterprise. My grandparents gave the majority to my dad. My dad also
owns shares, so he owns most of the shares. The rest is your dad’s and several other small shareholders.
Based on the current Newman’s share price plus several properties under his name, if calculated together, it is estimated to be
just over 100 million.”
Mr. Newman was severely sentenced. He teamed up with his wife to kill his biological brother. It was also an economic crime, so
he was sentenced severely.
Trenton asked again: “How much was the total wealth of the Newman family before the accident?”
Camryn: “More than a billion.”
Trenton knew it in his heart, and he said, “Sister, just do as I say; I am now asking for leave, flying back, going to find my parents,
and asking them to transfer the property in their name to my name.”
He couldn’t directly tell them to pass it on to Camryn because his parents are afraid that Camryn hates them now.

Pass it on to him; his parents were totally willing.
After all, his parents had said that no matter how much money he made, it would be reserved for him in the future.
As long as his parents’ property is transferred to his name, it’s up to him how he wants to arrange it.
In order to protect the Newman family’s property, prevent Carrie from being ruined, and prevent his two eldest aunts from plotting
against him, Trenton decided to do this.
Camryn pursed her lips and said, “You are an adult, so you can make your decision. When you are free, go to the company to
intern and hone your skills. Our Newman family will be here for you. There is a factory in the city where you go to university, and
the business is not very good. If you dare to accept the challenge, I will leave it to you to take care of it. You can take care of the
factory while going to university, and you can bring that factory back to life. It proves that you have the ability to protect your
family’s property.”
Trenton boldly accepted Camryn’s challenge.
But he didn’t like her referring to the siblings as two families.
He said, “Sister, we are a family. We are all members of the Newman family. We all belong to the same grandparents. Our
Newman family’s property was earned by our great-grandfather and grandfather. It has been managed by three generations of
our grandparents. To achieve such a scale today, we must protect everything in our Newman family together.”
The grandparents divided the family property, and the majority was given to the second uncle. Trenton didn’t want to ask why; he
thought there must be the old Mr. Newman’s intention.
Although the Newman family had the current financial background, his own father was also indispensable, but without the
original foundation, his father would not be able to develop the Newman family to the scale it is today..

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