Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2561

Trenton’s father also did something illegal. Although all illegal businesses had been sealed up and the amount involved was not
particularly large, it had also affected Newman’s reputation, causing the value of Newman’s shares to decline, business to
decline, and Newman’s property to shrink significantly.
Now Camryn had taken over the Newman family, and with the efforts of her and Dalton to turn the tide, the Newman family had
finally overcome the difficulties.
Camryn didn’t tell Trenton this; it was Dalton who told him. Only then did Trenton realize how much bitterness was hidden behind
Camryn’s gentle tone.
Camryn avenged Trenton’s father and sent his parents there. It was also Trenton’s parents who committed a crime. It was
difficult for him to accept Camryn’s righteousness in exterminating relatives, but he also understood her.
The Newman family was under the control of Camryn, but Camryn also said that she would not give away anything that belongs
to her, and she would not be greedy for anything that did not belong to her.
Whatever should be given to Trenton, Camryn would give it to him.
As for Carrie, that was a lawsuit between him and Carrie.
Camryn would only give Trenton his parents’ belongings.
Trenton’s parents only had two children, he and Carrie. Naturally, this would be his and Carrie’s lawsuit.
Trenton: “Sister, I’m going to class first. I’ll ask for leave after class, and we’ll talk slowly when we get back.”
Camryn: “Well, you go to class.”
After the sister and brother ended the call, Camryn followed Trenton’s request, and the things from his parents’ room were
moved into his room.
As for the things in Carrie’s room, one day, when she felt better, she would notify Carrie to come and move them out. From now
on, she and Carrie were two families.
“Miss, Second Young Master York is here.”
Camryn hummed, took her mobile phone, went back to the room to get her household registration book, and went downstairs.

The butler would arrange the cleaning properly, so she didn’t have to worry about it.
When she went down to the first floor, Callum happened to come in from outside.
“Camryn, are you okay?” Callum strode over and asked with concern as he walked.
Camryn smiled and said, “What can I do? This room is full of people, including me and you. It’s not like I was before. I can still be
tortured by them.”
Callum looked her up and down, and then he felt relieved after making sure that nothing was wrong with her.
Camryn: “Didn’t I tell you not to come over? And here you are. You don’t have to go to work.”
Callum held her hand, walked to the sofa, sat down, and said, “I’m still worried, so I came over to see if it’s okay. In the company,
there is also Mr. Bucham there, and the eldest brother is also at home. If anything happens, Mr. Bucham will find the eldest
brother. Although the eldest brother is still on marriage leave, if they encounter important things that they can’t solve, they should
not let the eldest brother finish the marriage leave and come back to work at the company.
What are you doing with the household registration book?”
Callum sat down and saw Camryn holding the household registration book in her hand.
Camryn looked at him and asked him seriously, “Callum, will you regret marrying me? I am not as kind as you think; I also have a
cruel side. If you regret it, we can resolve it. If you don’t regret the engagement, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the
marriage certificate now.”
Callum stretched out his hand and flicked her forehead. “Who do you think about me? I know your character, and I understand
you both. Family grievances: if you are too kind, like the Holy Mother, no matter how many things others have done to hurt you,
you can forgive them. Camryn, I don’t regret it. You will never regret it in this life!”

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