Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2562

Callum believed in his own vision, and he believed in Grandma. He had been with her for so long, and he also understood her
character and behavior clearly.
Camryn said, “Once you get the marriage certificate, it will be for life, and you will not get divorced, right? You have to think
carefully. A man as good as you might meet a woman who is better than me and more suitable for you in the future. By that time,
you tell me, you married me because your grandma chose me, and the woman you meet later is your true love, and I will not
fulfill your wish.”
Callum tapped her pretty nose again and said, “Have you not heard what people outside say about the men of my York family?
They are all crazy people. The rules of my York family are that after marrying a wife, we must be loyal to the family and our
marriage for a lifetime. No cheating or divorce!
If I violate family rules and am kicked out of the house, I will have nothing to do with the York family in the future.
Also, I married you not because my grandma chose you but because I fell in love with you. I will marry you because I love you,
and it’s useless for my grandma to force me.”
Callum took out his mobile phone and made a call.
“Who are you calling?”
Camryn asked, thinking he was going to call grandma.
“I didn’t bring my household registration book with me. We were going to get a marriage certificate. I called my mother and asked
her to bring me the household registration book. Before people got off work at noon, we went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go
through the marriage procedures.”
With the marriage certificate, they were legally married. Callum didn’t dare let Camryn know how anxious he was to marry her
and make her his legitimate wife.
She said she would get married after her eyes were cured and she could see him.
He kept waiting until her eyes could see again.
Her eyesight had not returned to normal, but she could clearly see what was in front of her.

Callum was thinking about how to ask her to get a marriage certificate. Unexpectedly, Camryn would take the initiative to get the
This was the tacit understanding between their husband and wife. Callum was thinking about getting the certificate, and Camryn
brought it up.
Camryn smiled and said, “You can do it in the afternoon or tomorrow; don’t be in a hurry.”
Callum: “I’m in a hurry; I’m very anxious. I want my wife to spend the long nights with me, but I don’t want to spend every night
holding a pillow. It will be a long night.”
Camryn: “…”
Her face soon became red.
After receiving the marriage certificate, they would be legally husband and wife. They must also start making arrangements for
the wedding. The most important thing was that she must fulfill her obligations as a wife.
Even if two people were engaged, they hadn’t gone beyond the border. At most, they just hug and kiss each other.
Azalea (Evelyn) told her that Callum really loved her, and she respected her very much. Callum would not cross the threshold
until the day when she got the marriage certificate, and she always told her to be nice to Callum.
Azalea thought she was not enthusiastic enough and always looked indifferent.
Now, Camryn finally understood Serenity’s mood when Zachary complained about her to Liberty.
Liberty always told Serenity to be nicer to Zachary, as if Serenity often bullied Zachary and was not good to him.
Sometimes, when there was a minor conflict, Zachary would go back to Liberty to complain. Serenity complained to him in
private, saying that she had never seen a man who loved going back to her sister to complain as much as Zachary.
She said that Zachary had gone her way and left her with no way to go.
Camryn still laughed at Serenity at that time, and her little aunt, Azalea, said the same about her now.

She laughed too wildly at Serenity, so when it was her turn, she, like Serenity, would end up being the object of envy, jealousy,
and hatred.

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