Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2563

“Camryn, please give me some time. I’ll call my mother right away.”
Callum kissed Camryn on the face and then quickly called Rosella.
It took a while for Rosella to answer Callum’s call.
“Mom, are you free?”
Rosella asked, “I just got up. I have nothing to do today. What’s the matter? Do you need mom’s help?”
When Callum grew up, he rarely needed help from his parents for anything.
Rosella felt as though her children were not in need of her.
Callum said, “Camryn and I plan to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get our marriage certificate before noon. I don’t have my
household registration book with me. Can you or my dad bring the household registration book to me now? Or I can ask
someone to send it to me. I’m thinking going back and forth will delay the formalities until the afternoon, and I don’t want to delay
it until the afternoon.”
If he hadn’t brought his household registration book, Callum would have wanted to take Camryn to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go
through the marriage procedures right now.
After he truly fell in love with Camryn, he looked forward to getting married.
It’s just that Camryn couldn’t see yet at that time. Facing the excellent him, she felt a little inferior. She hesitated and even
thought about accepting his feelings for a long time before she dared to accept him.
The reason she was able to get engaged was because he went to FC Manor several times just to ask Dr. Carden to treat her
eyes. After she found out, she mustered up the courage to spend the rest of her life with him, so she got engaged first.
She always hoped to actually see him before getting married.
She said she wanted to know what the man she married looked like.
Listening to what Callum said to her future mother-in-law, Camryn’s face turned red again.
He was so impatient…

As soon as Rosella heard that it was such a good thing, she immediately became energetic and said with a smile, “I’m free. I will
send it to you right away. Are you in the Newman family or the company now?”
Callum: “I’m at Newman’s house. I didn’t go back to the company in the morning.”
Rosella: “Okay, I will send it to you now. Do you need the diamond ring?”
Callum said, “Yes, mom, you were so considerate. I was so happy that I forgot about the diamond ring. I had already ordered an
eternity diamond ring and put it in the safe in my room, and I changed the password of the safe to Camryn’s birthday.”
Rosella: “Okay, let’s not talk about it for now. I’m going to get the household registration book and the diamond ring. I will send
them directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau. You can just wait for me at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.”
Rosella felt that the distance from home to the Newman family villa was longer. It would be closer to go directly to the Civil Affairs
Bureau, so she asked Callum to take Camryn to wait at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.
“Okay.” Callum had no objection.
After the mother and son ended the call, Callum turned his head and looked at Camryn. His eyes were so gentle that he could
shed tears, and his words were particularly gentle. He said, “Camryn, I asked my mother to bring me the household registration
book, and she sent it directly to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. We will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau later and wait for my
mother there.”
Camryn nodded and responded, “Just make your arrangements, and I will listen to you.”
Callum hugged her and said softly, “Today, you listen to me, and after today, I will listen to you. In our little family, you have the
final say. There is something else that needs to be done for you.”
“What is it?”
Camryn raised her head and looked at him curiously, guessing what it was that she had to work hard for.
Callum said, “After receiving the certificate, we are husband and wife. There must be someone in charge of the house. You are in
charge, and you have the final say. I will hand over the financial power. From now on, my income and property under my name
will be handed over to you. What do you want? You can spend whatever you want; you don’t have to help me save money.”
Camryn: “This is really sweet and a bit of hard work.”

“Let’s talk about it in a few years. I am also busy now. Carrie also wants to file a lawsuit with me to divide the family property.
Although I am not afraid of her, it still takes me some time to deal with her, and she will be messy.”
It took a few years of marriage to get familiar with everything.
Callum smiled and said, “Okay, then the economic power will be handed over to you. You don’t need to take care of the
management of the small companies under my name. You just need to manage the money.”
“Okay, I will help you manage the money.”

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