Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2575

Anyway, not many people know that the girl was the mistress of a certain boss.
Holden just didn’t know; otherwise, he wouldn’t dare provoke his mistress.
After Kathryn watched the video and photos, she sent a message to Pedro, saying, “Keep these safely there. I will delete it after I
see it here. I can’t keep it because my mother comes back in case she gets suspicious of me, and she will check my phone.”
Pedro replied to her, “It has been reserved. Miss, have you eaten?”
Kathryn: “I am eating and have ordered takeout.”
Pedro over there frowned. “Miss, don’t always order takeout; isn’t there a canteen in the company? You can eat in the canteen. If
you don’t have time, tell me in advance, and I will deliver meals to you every day.”
Kathryn felt warm in her heart as she looked at the message he sent.
After returning to Farrell’s house, she could be said to be fighting alone, with no one on her side.
Even her mother was not really of the same mind as her. She was not her mother alone, but also the mother of her brother and
It was natural for Shiloh to act coquettishly in front of her mother, but she couldn’t do it.
Fortunately, Pedro came to her. After she understood Pedro’s responsibilities and the significance of him staying by her side,
although she had tested Pedro, her trust in him was somewhat deeper than that of her family. Pedro also helped her a lot.
She remembered that when Pedro first came to her side, he told her that in the future, everyone may leave her, but he will not.
Since the moment he was sent out, he has been loyal to her all his life, belongs to her confidant, and will never leave her unless
he dies.
If he dies, someone will quickly replace him, and she will not lack truly loyal confidants around her.
Pedro was almost an all-rounder and could do everything.
Of course, cooking was not a problem for him, and his cooking was very delicious.

Kathryn felt that typing was too slow, so she simply made a voice call. After Pedro answered the call, she asked him, “Have you
Pedro: “Not yet; I will eat later. Miss, do you need me to deliver food to you?”
Kathryn: “You are already busy enough. I don’t want to cause you any more trouble. I don’t eat takeout every day. Occasionally, I
just order takeout when I don’t want to go out. It’s enough to satisfy me and save a lot of time at dinner.
You asked someone to follow my dad without being discovered, right? When they first met, my mother couldn’t have guessed
that it was my handiwork.”
Pedro said gently, “I’m doing the work; don’t worry, Miss.”
Kathryn smiled and said, “I’m not worried; that’s okay; you go and eat. I’ve finished eating too, and I deleted the chat messages
about my father cheating on my mother. My mother is extremely suspicious and does not have 100% trust in me. Shiloh has
reported my black condition again. She will doubt me as soon as she calms down.”
Pedro understood.
Pedro said, “By the way, Miss, I have something to tell you.”
Kathryn: “What’s the matter?”
“Mr. Janzen took that hot girl to the Fortress Hotel for dinner, and Young Master Queen saw it. The third Young Master of the
York family was with Young Master Queen, and he also took a video.”
Kathryn was silent and said, “It’s normal for Young Master Queen to recognize my dad.”
Kathryn’s thought: Mr. York probably didn’t recognize her father; Mr. Queen must have told him. They really came together. It’s a
pity; both of them are very good men.

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