Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2577

Kathryn murmured as she observed her biological father, who appeared young and attractive in his attire, hugging a hot girl who
was many decades younger than her biological mother: “When this old man was young, he was probably a rare handsome man.
He is already old now, and when he dresses up, he looks like a handsome old man.”
No wonder her mother, Matriarch Farrell, was very strict with her husband.
She wondered how Matriarch Farrell felt when she saw her husband looking for women outside. Was it the money given by her
brother, Shiloh, and others?
At the same time, Wiltspoon.
After returning to Wildridge Manor from the Wiltspoon Hotel, Serenity went directly back to her room to sleep.
The symptoms of drowsiness were obvious.
Zachary accompanied her back to the room. He watched her enter the room, climbed onto the bed eagerly, and fell asleep.
Zachary came over, sat down next to the edge of the bed, and said to her with a smile, “You’re sleepy. You can sleep in the car. I
will carry you out of the car when you get home.”
Serenity said, “I forced myself to come back, husband. I will sleep for a while. Do you want to sleep? If not, can you go to the
study and read a book?”
Zachary looked at her tenderly and said warmly, “Go to sleep; I’m not sleepy yet.”
Serenity closed her eyes and fell asleep quickly.
Seeing that she fell asleep soundly in just a few minutes, Zachary leaned down and pressed a kiss on her forehead, touched her
face with his big hands, then placed them on her still flat belly, and whispered softly in her ears, “Seren, thank you for your hard
After sitting quietly for a while, Zachary stood up, walked out of the bedroom, went into the study room, and sat down in front of
the desk. There was a book on the table. It was a book on pregnancy knowledge. He had already read it, but he read it again
and again.
He hoped he could remember the contents of this book.

Before Serenity became pregnant, he knew nothing about pregnancy. After Serenity became pregnant, although many people
helped him take care of her, he still wanted to take care of her by himself.
Then he went to the bookstore and bought a lot of books related to pregnancy. He also took the books he bought to Josh. After
comparing them, he made sure that the books Josh read were similar to those he read, so he went home with a pile of books.
During the honeymoon, he didn’t care about the company’s affairs and stayed with Serenity wholeheartedly. He had plenty of
time to read.
He opened the book and started reading again. Based on the number of weeks Serenity was pregnant, he turned to the page of
that week and read all the content in it over and over again.
According to the introduction in the book, the baby in Serenity’s belly had not yet grown into a human form, and it needed to be
twelve weeks pregnant to become a real fetus.
The family doctor reminded him that he could take Serenity to the hospital for a checkup in a few days to rule out accidents such
as ectopic pregnancy.
Zachary’s mobile phone received a new WhatsApp message.
He took out his phone and opened it to see some photos and a video sent to him by Kevin.
He didn’t recognize the person in the photo.
The main character in the video was the person in the photo.
Zachary frowned.
Kevin would not send these things to him for no reason.
Just as he was about to call Kevin, Kevin called him first.
Zachary answered.

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