Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2579

Zachary said: “Every head of the family has a powerful assistant who is loyal and must know a lot of things. If he is still alive and
can be found, he can testify against the current Matriarch Farrell. If he also dies unexpectedly, then this case is really difficult to
verify; after all, forty or fifty years have passed.”
Even the Bucham family found it difficult to collect evidence.
“I’ll call Young Master Bucham later and ask him to help find out who the assistant of the previous Matriarch Farrell is, whether
that person is still alive, and if so, where he will be.”
Kevin said, “I can ask about this, but it would be more convenient to ask Mr. Donald Queen.”
In fact, he could find out by asking an old man from the Farrell family, but doing so could easily alarm the Matriarch Farrell.
Maybe the assistant of the previous Matriarch Farrell is not dead, and the current Matriarch Farrell is also looking for him.
Zachary: “Okay, if you have any new news, please tell me.”
Kevin said, “I know. My second brother and my second sister-in-law received their marriage certificates. I was so jealous. My
second brother and I received the photo from my grandma together. He received the certificate, and I’m still chasing my wife
After talking about serious things, Kevin started chatting with Zachary. Anyway, Zachary was free, and so was his eldest brother,
so the two brothers could have a good chat.
“Who told you not to act for half a year? You are naturally much slower than Callum. It seems that Hayden is not ruthless toward
you. If you work harder, you should be able to get a marriage certificate next year.” Zachary said, “Don’t say this kind of thing to
me. You have to take care of your own life matters, and I’ll take a break.”
With that, Zachary ended the call with Kevin, too lazy to listen to Kevin’s nagging.
At first, it was Kevin who disliked Hayden for being a manly woman and not having any femininity, so he was reluctant to take
action. When he went to Jensburg, he kept thinking about exposing Hayden’s identity as a woman, so he couldn’t get into the
Kevin was not angry when Zachary hung up the phone. He just muttered, “When I am happy, I will not care about my brother’s
affairs. I value s-x over my brother.”

After muttering a few words, Kevin picked up the car keys and walked out while calling Donald. After Donald answered the
phone, he said, “Uncle, are you free? I want to ask you to go fishing together. I know a place with clear water, plenty of fish, nice
scenery, and quietness. We can go there to catch fish all afternoon and have a meal in the evening.”
Donald smiled and said, “I’m free now. I just wanted to ask you when you are free. Come and go fishing with me. If you catch
your fish, you won’t accompany me anymore.”
Kevin caught up with Donald.
Hayden no longer came to accompany Donald fishing every day like before.
Kevin: “I’m free. Uncle, you wait for me at home. I’ll go over now.”
Donald: “Okay, I’ll prepare things for you to come over.”
After ending the call, Kevin called his people again and ordered them to reveal Holden’s affair in Jensburg to the Matriarch
Farrell in Wiltspoon, so that the Matriarch Farrell could come back early and be caught off guard so that she could catch the
evidence of Holden’s cheating.
After Zachary ended the call with his brother over there, he immediately called Julian. Julian took a while to answer his call.
“Zachary, I’m at the airport, getting ready to board the plane. What’s the matter? If nothing happens, can I contact you later?”
Zachary said to him, “Don’t you take a private jet when you travel far?”
“Kiera likes to be grounded. If she is angry and I fly over on a private plane, I am worried that she will think I am unattainable. If
you have any questions, please keep them short, or you can tell Josh. When I am not in Wiltspoon, all the affairs of the family
are left to Josh.”
After Julian finished his work, he booked a flight to fly to Yonsburg to meet Kiera.
Kiera came to attend the wedding of Zachary and Serenity. After the wedding, she only stayed in Wiltspoon for two days before
returning to Yonsburg. Julian was busy and could not accompany Kiera to Yonsburg.
It had been more than two weeks since they had seen each other, and Julian was crazy about Kiera. He wished he could quickly
fly to Yonsburg.

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