Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2580

Zachary chuckled. “I didn’t expect that you would still be down-to-earth.”
Julian: “I’m not an unattainable person.”
Zachary chuckled. “Yes, yes, you’re not unattainable. With my status, if I want to see you, I have to go through the back door. If
Josh and I weren’t good buddies, I might not be able to see you even if I spend a lot of money.”
Julian said, “I’m busy. Well, you are also a family member, and you know how busy the people sitting in our position are.”
Zachary: “What I want to say may not be clear at once. You go to Yonsburg to see Miss Caron first, and I will tell Josh.”
Julian hummed, “If you have anything to do, just ask Josh. You two are easier to talk to. The sky is not falling, so try not to disturb
He had his first taste of love, and it was at the peak of passion.
In addition, his parents were urging him every day to go to Yonsburg quickly to prevent Kiera from getting there first.
Kiera was Julian’s destined girl. Whether he could be a normal man depended entirely on Kiera alone and couldn’t be
His parents were so anxious that they wanted to chase his wife on his behalf.
He also complained that he didn’t confess his love to Kiera.
Julian, who was fearless, was a little timid when he met Kiera, fearing that his anxious confession would scare Kiera.
Although Kiera was very courageous, Julian felt that she would not be scared, but the two of them had only known each other for
a short time, and they still needed to become more familiar before they could confess.
At that point, it just fell into place.
This time, when he went to Yonsburg, Julian planned to find an opportunity to confess his love to Kiera and also wanted to
perform well in front of the Caron family.
What Julian was most worried about was that he was too old. He was ten years older than Kiera. If calculated in real years, he
was eleven years older.

“Okay, okay, until the sky falls, I won’t bother you. You please go see Miss Caron, haha.”
At the end of the sentence, Zachary couldn’t help but laugh wildly.
Julian hung up Zachary’s phone call unceremoniously.
After boarding the plane, Julian sent a WhatsApp message to Kiera. He said, “Kiera, I’m going to Yonsburg for a business trip for
a while. Now I’m on the plane, and it will take off soon. If it’s convenient, can you come to the airport to pick me up?”
Kiera received Julian’s message and had no doubts about Julian’s words.
As Julian’s CEO, his business was huge, so it’s normal for him to travel everywhere. Even Yonsburg had Julian’s business,
which showed how big Julian’s business was.
Kiera replied to the voice message: “Mr. Bucham, what time will you arrive at Yonsburg? I will go to the airport in advance to wait
for you, so you don’t have to wait too long. There is also a lot of traffic near the airport.”
Julian took a photo of his plane ticket and sent it to Kiera.
Julian said, “The hotel I booked is not far from your home. If it’s convenient, can I go to your home for a meal? The food cooked
by my aunt is delicious. I ate it last time, and I have an endless aftertaste.”

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