Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2582

Kiera smiled and was about to help him pull the suitcase, but Julian stopped her from helping and said, “I only have two sets of
clothes in the suitcase. They are not heavy, so I don’t need help. Besides, I am a grown man. How can I ask you to help me
carry my suitcase?”
Kiera: “You have come a long way, and you’re my guest. I also left two grilled ham sausages for you. You don’t like spicy food, so
I left you a non-spicy one. I added chili pepper, which is spicy enough.”
Julian took the small bag she handed over. The small bag contained two grilled ham sausages. He took out one and took a bite.
Kiera handed the other snacks she bought to Julian. When Julian took them, she took the suitcase with one hand and held the
uneaten baked ham in one hand to eat while walking.
Julian looked at her windy back, smiled helplessly, and said that she had to help him pull the suitcase without her help.
Just let her pull.
So, Kiera walked in front with the suitcase, and Julian followed behind her. They both ate while walking. Kiera finished the ham
sausage in his hand, and Julian brought her other food.
When they walked to the parking lot and found Kiera’s parking spot, the two of them had already finished all the snacks.
Kiera ate until her mouth was full of oil, and she had a look of satisfaction on her face. She helped Julian stuff the suitcase into
the trunk of the car and said, “I’m finally satisfied. My mother usually won’t let me eat those snacks. She said it would make me
angry, but I was worried about not being hygienic enough. She would scold me if I ate even a little bit every now and then, so I
just like to eat those snacks.”
Julian said, “If you eat it once or twice occasionally, it’s okay. Don’t eat it often. If you really like it, you can buy the ingredients
and cook it yourself. That way, at least the health and safety issues are guaranteed.”
Kiera said, “With my cooking skills, how can I do it? My mother can cook it, and it is delicious, but if we ask her to cook it for us
once, she will talk about it and give it to us after eating. Let’s each prepare a large cup of bitter herbal tea.”
Julian smiled and said, “If you want to eat it in the future, tell me. I will buy it for you and send it over. I think Auntie won’t tell me

With more contacts, Julian also figured out Kiera’s preferences. He asked the chef at home to learn how to make various snacks
that Kiera liked to eat. When Kiera married into the Bucham family, he could make them at any time, and she could eat all the
food she liked.
He would make sure the taste was not inferior to theirs in Yonsburg.
“If you only come once or twice, my mother won’t talk about you. If you come often, she will talk about you too. Once we get to
know each other, she will treat you as a relative and friend, and she will start to nag you.”
Kiera was embarrassed to say that the first time she took Julian home for dinner, it was because Julian wanted to learn martial
arts from her father. Her parents and brothers actually thought Julian was her boyfriend.
Later, they learned that Julian came to learn martial arts. Her mother was disappointed, but later she became happy again. She
felt that if Julian studied at the Caron Family Martial Arts Gym and could get along with her day and night, they might be able to
develop a relationship.
It made her extremely embarrassed.
Fortunately, Julian didn’t know this.
Otherwise, she would feel ashamed.
She just got along with Julian and got along very happily. Julian was not like the big CEOs on TV, who were aloof and repulsive
to others, always cheering each other when they went out. Instead, he looked like an ordinary person, very down to earth.
Julian had driven a more expensive car, which was a luxury car. In other aspects, he was very down-to-earth, and he was a bit
Every time Kiera looked at his handsome face, she felt her heartbeat speed up.
Considering that the two of them were so far apart, Julian was the president of a large company, had a very busy work schedule,
and they rarely met, Kiera always told herself that she and Julian were just friends, and Julian was good to her because she had
saved him.
He was simply repaying her kindness.

After reminding herself in this way, Kiera was able to feel calm when facing Julian’s handsome face again and no longer had the
nervousness that made her heart beat faster.

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