Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2586

When they returned to the Caron family, it was already full of lights.
The Caron family was waiting for the two of them.
Hearing the sound of a car, Kendrick walked out to take a look. When he saw it was Kiera’s vehicle, he smiled. He stepped
forward and helped Julian open the door.
Kendrick: “Mr. Bucham.”
“Brother Caron, call me Julian.”
Julian was older than Kendrick, but he just calls him brother after Kiera. Kendrick was a rough man like Duncan, so it didn’t
matter to him what Julian called him.
“Everyone is just waiting for you two to come back for dinner.” Kendrick said as he walked to the back, opened the trunk, and
took out Julian’s suitcase.
Kiera said, “Brother, Julian has booked a hotel. After dinner, I will take him to the hotel. There is no need to take down his
“Julian, you may check out of the hotel now. At home, I have a spare room. You’re welcome to stay at my home, if that’s okay
with you. You are welcome to stay at my home the next time you have business in Yonsburg.”
Kendrick felt that Julian and Kiera were buddies and friends. If Julian went to Yonsburg on a business trip, forget it if they didn’t
know. If they knew, they would definitely entertain Julian well and show their loyalty as landlords.
“Why would I mind? The hotel room I booked is refundable, so I’ll check out the room now. But if I live here, will it disturb
everyone? I’ll be busy with work, and I’ll leave early and come back late every day. I’m worried it will interfere with everyone’s
regular sleep.”
Julian’s business trip was both an excuse and not an excuse.
He really wanted to develop in Yonsburg and increase investment.
In this way, he could come here often, which would make it easier for him to chase Kiera and also make it easier for him to return
to her parents’ home for a few more days in the future.

Also, the Bucham family had no power in Yonsburg, which was inappropriate.
He would return to Yonsburg frequently in the future. His concern for personal safety was incidental if he didn’t have any power in
this situation. He was concerned that his motivations would endanger the Caron family, something he would not stand for.
Therefore, he needed to increase investment and development in Yonsburg and then place the elites of the Bucham family in all
walks of life and every corner of the city.
The Bucham family was very famous in Wiltspoon and several surrounding cities, but thousands of miles away in Yonsburg, the
Bucham family did not have much popularity.
The Caron family was unaware of the Bucham family’s significance in Wiltspoon. They were only aware that Julian’s family
owned a large business. Julian was a powerful president who was friends with all the most powerful businessmen. Young Master
York was getting married in Wiltspoon, and Julian could be the best man. It showed that Julian was a very powerful
Kiera said that the Bucham family would also do some detective work, but the Caron family didn’t think much about it.
It’s just that he had 360 skills, was a top scholar, and it’s not embarrassing that he began his career as a detective. As long as
Julian’s company conducted legitimate business and did nothing illegal or disciplinary, that is acceptable.
Kendrick smiled and said, “What’s the trouble? We usually sleep late. When you come back from work, no matter how late it is,
there will be a door for you to come in. We can also have supper and a couple of drinks.”

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