Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2588

Seeing that Kiera and Julian get along like buddies, Mr. Caron won’t think too much about it.
It’s just that Mrs. Caron liked to nag Mr. Caron and say that he had taught Kiera badly. The girl, 24, had never been in love. The
matchmaker put a guy in touch with her, but they didn’t get along. She said Kiera treats men like friends all the time, which made
her mad.
What kind of buddies—couldn’t they be lovers?
Mr. Caron would make fun of Mrs. Caron every time she nagged him. Why don’t they take care of their bodies together and have
another daughter? After that, Mrs. Caron would teach Kiera how to be a lady, which would make her laugh so hard that she
would get scratched if he caught her.
They could be grandparents, so what else could they do to live?
If they wanted to have a baby, they would have had one when they were young.
“After dinner, it was late at night, and I made Julian drink tea, which affected my sleep. You, too, can’t sleep at night, so don’t nag
Mrs. Caron came out of the kitchen with dishes and said a few words to her husband.
Mr. Caron chuckled. “Julian has come all the way and is a guest. Come in and invite him to have a cup of tea. That’s how we
treat guests. Julian, let’s go have a meal. Kiera, go to the wine cabinet and bring a bottle of wine.”
“Dad and Julian have a good talk. They need to have two drinks tonight.” Kiera looked at his mother and asked, “Mom, is it
okay? They’ll have two drinks too?”
Mrs. Caron glared at her and said, “You can only have two sips to satisfy your cravings. You can’t drink too much. With your
drinking capacity and taste, if you take two more sips, you will be embarrassed and sent to grandma’s house.”
It was better to be able to take two sips to satisfy their cravings than to be unable to take one sip.
Kiera happily went to the wine cabinet and got a bottle of good wine that his father had collected.
Kendrick had already prepared the wine glass.

With Julian here, the Caron family, who are good at drinking, have tasted the taste of wine and have become addicted to it. They
dared not drink more with Mrs. Caron sitting in charge.
“Mom, during Julian’s business trip, my eldest brother said we would let him stay at our house instead of staying in a hotel. He
asked him to cancel the hotel reservation.” Kiera said this while picking up vegetables and eating.
Mrs. Caron exchanged glances with her husband and said, “We have a spare room at home. If Julian doesn’t mind our simple
home, just stay here and check out the hotel you booked.”
Julian said quickly, “Auntie, I don’t mind. Auntie’s home is not simple. It is decorated very warmly by you. When I come here for
the first time, I feel like I am back at home, comfortable.”
Mrs. Caron smiled and said, “You can stay here if you don’t mind. It doesn’t matter how long you stay. If you come here for a
business trip in the future, don’t book a hotel room. Come live directly at our house.”
Julian: “I’m going to bother my uncle and aunt during this time.”
Mr. Caron curled his lips and cursed in his heart. As expected of someone who has been around shopping malls for a long time,
he is so easy to flatter.
The people in charge had no objections and warmly welcomed Julian to move in. What could Mr. Caron say?
“Mom, I might have to clean up a guest room and come out. Julian’s parents said they would come over in a few days to thank
me for saving Julian. They said it was a trivial matter. Uncle and Aunt Bucham insisted on visiting in person to say thank you.”
Kiera told her in advance so that her parents would not be caught off guard when Mr. Bucham and his wife came over.
After Mrs. Caron was stunned for a moment, she looked at Julian and said, “Julian, this matter is really a trivial matter to my
Caron family. You have also repaid our daughter Kiera by telling your parents not to go out of their way to come here to say
thank you.”
Julian said, “Auntie, if Kiera hadn’t saved me that night, I would definitely have been kidnapped. Although I knew a few tricks, it
was really dangerous that night. There were too many bad people. Kiera saved me, which was tantamount to saving me. My
parents and I have to repay Kiera well for leaving our Bucham family.”

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