Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2591

Kiera treated Julian like a buddy, so Julian was excluded from the list of son-in-law candidates by the Caron family the last time
he came here.
Mrs. Caron choked. She took back her phone and said, “Let’s see tomorrow. If Matchmaker Foley doesn’t call to cancel, you can
go over. Anyway, the meeting place is not far from our martial arts gym.
When you go to work tomorrow, bring a long skirt and a pair of high heels. As long as the other party doesn’t cancel, put on the
skirt and high heels and go there. That way, you will look like a girl. Don’t dress like a female bodyguard every day. People are
worried that you will punch them at any time.”
“Mom, what’s the weather like now? Do you want me to wear a skirt? Do you think I’ll catch a cold?” Kiera glanced at Julian’s
wine glass and wanted to help him take a few sips.
Mrs. Caron: “Who told you to wear a summer skirt? A winter skirt is fine too.”
Kiera: “Mom, I don’t have a skirt in my closet. I haven’t worn a skirt since I grew up.”
Kiera didn’t like wearing skirts, which made it inconvenient for her to practice martial arts.
Kiera said, “I can’t even wear high heels. I can’t walk in high heels. If I get into a fight with someone, I won’t be able to perform
well wearing high heels.”
Julian took over the sentence and said with a smile, “Why don’t you perform well? Wearing high heels, kicking someone out,
kicking someone—it hurts to death. If the other party runs away, you can also take off the high heels and throw it. If you throw it,
it will be a hit. It’s enough to give the other person a painful meal.”
When he finished speaking, the Caron family looked at him.
Julian said sheepishly, “I saw such a plot on TV. Auntie, I don’t mean to teach Kiera to fight.”
“Julian, my sister said that you are actually very good at boxing and kicking. You hid it last time and even said that you wanted to
worship my father as your master. After we have eaten, we will go to the martial arts gym to compete. Let me see how good your
boxing and kicking skills are.” Kendrick said.
Julian said humbly, “I only know a few moves. I can’t say how powerful I am. I don’t think I can even count them as martial arts,
so I didn’t talk about it last time. I was afraid that Uncle Caron would test me on the spot and fail; even one move would be

“Don’t be so modest. Although Kiera is not as good as me and her second brother, Kingston, she is still pretty good at reading
people. She can tell from your actions and reactions that you are definitely a great practitioner.
I have also participated in countless martial arts competitions, large and small, and lost, but the chance of winning is greater.
When I lose to others, I always lose slightly. I am always unconvinced. I am 32 years old, and I have not yet met someone who
can really defeat me.
Let’s compete in a competition later. Last time I heard Kiera say that you are a great martial arts practitioner, my hands were
itchy. It’s settled. After dinner, we’ll walk to the martial arts gym. Think of it as a walk after dinner. Then we’ll compete in the
martial arts gym.”
The martial arts gym is large, so we can show off our skills, and it can also open the eyes of the students in our gym; at least
they learn just one and a half moves and consider themselves martial arts masters.”
Julian looked at Kiera, and Kiera smiled: “Julian, I just said a few words like that, and my brother took care of me. How about we
compete later?”
In fact, she also wanted to know how powerful Julian was.
Judging from the last time Julian made a move, Julian was a great practitioner.
However, Julian was too quick when he subdued the bad guy. She was unable to see his moves, nor could she figure out how
powerful Julian was.
“Okay, after dinner, I will compete with you.” Julian readily agreed.
As for what matchmaker Foley said about introducing a guy to Kiera, Julian wasn’t worried.

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