Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2592

Julian was already there; how could he let other men pursue Kiera?
Kendrick also thought that the man introduced by the matchmaker, Foley, was too ugly and fat as a pig, and he would never
Mr. Caron did not stop Kiera. Mrs. Caron scolded Kendrick and Kiera and then told Kendrick to be polite to Julian, as he was a
guest and could not hurt him.
Except for Mrs. Caron, everyone else in the Caron family was a martial artist and loved martial arts. When meeting someone
who was also good at martial arts, it was normal for them to want to compete.
Julian was thinking about going to the Caron family martial arts gym for a competition later. Would he show off his skills or hold
Thinking that Kiera worshiped the strong, Julian decided to use his true skills and easily defeat Kendrick so that he could gain
Kiera’s admiration.
He hoped his future brother-in-law wouldn’t blame him.
After the meal, Julian wanted to help clean up the dishes, but Mrs. Caron quickly stopped him and said, “Julian, you don’t need
your help. You go and have tea with your uncle Caron, and Kiera and I will just clean up.”
Julian smiled. “Auntie, it’s okay. I’m at home. After dinner, I clean up the dishes. My parents put down the dishes and got up and
left their seats. I’m used to doing this housework.”
When he came to the Caron family, he must have behaved well.
With that said, Julian cleared away the dishes.
“Auntie, I have been busy preparing meals all evening. If you are tired, you can go watch TV while I help Kiera wash the dishes.”
Mrs. Caron couldn’t stop him, but she didn’t let him work alone. She simply called her two sons back and said, “You two can also
help. You are all hands-on. Wash the dishes and chopsticks, and then you can walk to the martial arts gym.”
Kendrick and Kingston said, Okay.
After calling her two sons for help, Mrs. Caron walked away. She walked over to her husband and sat down.

Mr. Caron had already made another pot of tea.
Mrs. Caron said, “Julian is such a good man. After dinner, he helps to tidy up and wash the dishes. It’s not like you, a bigot, who
puts the dishes down and leaves after every meal, as if it seems like we women must do household chores like washing dishes.”
Mr. Caron: “The Bucham family is so rich, they must have hired servants. Julian is showing off by rushing to do the work.”
Mr. Caron slowly picked up his teacup and took a sip of tea.
“What’s showing? I saw that he was rushing to help the last time he came over. I noticed how he did housework. He was very
skilled. He must have done it a lot at home to be so skilled. Don’t be unable to do it yourself, and you can’t even question others.
Maybe he doesn’t have a servant at home.”
Mr. Caron said, “This man is very rich. You all were deceived by his superficial elegance. Look, he must have a purpose.”
“What’s the purpose? What’s there in our family that’s worthy of him? They are much richer than you. It’s not bad if you don’t
suspect that you’re plotting for other people’s money. But you are suspicious of them.” Mrs. Caron said, “You just want to say that
Julian is here for our daughter. I see the interaction between the two of them; they are like buddies. Oh, it’s so sad. How did you
raise your daughter? How did you raise her to be like a man? Whenever they interact with each other, they treat themselves as
Mr. Caron said, “Let’s see. Didn’t my daughter say that Julian’s parents are coming over in a few days? Wait for his parents to
come over and see if they get along well.”
Mr. Caron took another sip of tea as he spoke and sighed: “He’s just a little old.”
Mrs. Caron said, “Yes, he is two years older than our eldest son, so he is a bit old.”

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