Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2593

ten minutes later.
Julian and Kiera walked side by side, following Kendrick and Kingston. The four of them walked and chatted towards the Caron
family martial arts gym.
At night, Yonsburg was a lot livelier than during the day. Even though it wasn’t as wealthy as Wiltspoon, it was certainly full of fun
things to do because it was an urban area.
“You can compete with me later, Julian. My father taught my two brothers and me. We employ the same moves. If you can beat
me, you have a better chance of winning if you take on my eldest brother. My eldest brother learned it a few years before me, but
he is stronger and his moves are a little faster.
The students he teaches are all very powerful, while the ones I teach are just kids. There’s nothing I can do about it. I’m still
young and not as famous as my elder brother.”
In the Yonsburg martial arts world, Kiera’s two brothers, Kendrick and Kingston, were quite famous.
Julian said, “In that case, it will be unfair to your elder brother. It’s okay. I will directly compete with him. No matter if I win or lose,
I can accept it. I learn martial arts to strengthen my body and protect myself, not seeking fame or fortune.”
Kiera smiled and said, “You are in business, so what else do you need fame and fortune for? You are already very famous in the
business community in Wiltspoon. At Young Master York’s wedding, I saw that everyone was very polite to you. People’s attitude
towards you can be said to be respectful, as if they are afraid of offending you.”
She was not part-time in the business world, so she didn’t know how powerful the Bucham family was in the business world, but
she could guess the Bucham family’s status in the Wiltspoon business world through other people’s attitudes towards Julian.
“Also, everyone is very polite to me. I feel like I’m hugging a very thick thigh.” Kiera smiled after saying, “Julian, I feel like you are
more than just doing business, as you said. Is there anything else you haven’t exposed yet?”
“No, I am Julian, the president of the Bucham Group and the eldest son of the Bucham family, but many people like to call me
Young Master Bucham. I am my father’s successor, so everyone calls me Young Master Bucham.
My family made their fortune as detectives, and we still have a huge network of contacts. Our ability to find out information is
very strong. We have used our family’s ability to find out information and helped many people, so everyone is polite to me.

Another point is that I know a lot about their privacy. They don’t dare to offend me, for fear that I will expose their privacy.”
Julian said the next few words very quietly.
He continued: “They are polite to me, but they may hate me so much that they regard me as a bomb. They are afraid that I will
explode one day and blow them to pieces. If they have the ability, they may spend a lot of money hiring some powerful
professional killers from other places to assassinate me.
So, I am quite dangerous and may even harm the people around me. You see, I rarely interact openly with my friends in
Wiltspoon, and my whereabouts are relatively confidential. Many people think that I am a mysterious dragon who never sees the
end; actually, I am afraid of being assassinated.
You also saw that night how many motorcycle gangs were sent out by those gangs just to kidnap me and kill me. Fortunately,
you passed by and saved me; otherwise, I might have been violently killed in the wilderness or thrown into the sea by now.”
Kiera: “Is it so dangerous?”
Julian looked at her and asked, “Are you afraid? Sometimes, it’s possible that people who have close contact with me will suffer
unexpected disasters. For example, if they can’t do anything to me, they will think of doing something to the people around me.”
Kiera said to him, “What are you afraid of? If others took advantage of the people around you, you wouldn’t be so close to Young
Master York and the others. In my dictionary, the word “fear” does not exist. Unless the killer has a gun, they may be unable to
harm me.”

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