Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2596

As she spoke, Kiera took out the cash she carried with her from her trouser pocket. After counting it, she said, “I don’t have much
cash—only $856.5. If you are willing to bet with me, just have a bet.”
“If Julian loses, I will spend more than $800 to buy midnight snacks for everyone. If Julian wins, all your money will be given to
Kiera just didn’t want Julian to look too ugly.
Everyone present would place their bets on Kendrick without asking.
Julian came from afar, and no one knew what his skills were, but looking at his gentle manner, Kendrick just called him Mr.
Bucham, which made them guess that he was the boss of a company.
Even if such a person knew some boxing and kicking skills, he only knew a few moves in martial arts. How could he defeat
Kendrick, the future curator of the Caron family?
Several coaches present took out all the cash they had and bet on Kendrick’s side.
Those students were not children, but rather teenagers. They didn’t have much money, so some of them contributed $10 to $20
to participate in the bet.
“I will follow Sister Caron and bet on Mr. Bucham.” A student named Silas held $100 in his hand. After thinking about it, he
handed the money to Kiera and said to Kiera, “Sister Caron, I will bet Mr. Bucham with you. If Mr. Bucham is lucky enough to
win, we will make a lot of money.”
Because everyone was betting on Kendrick, that amount of money was a lot for a minor like him. If Mr. Bucham won, he could
share the money with Kiera and make a lot of money.
Kiera took $100, handed it over with a smile, and said, “Aren’t you afraid of losing your principal and not even having supper?
However, if Mr. Bucham wins, we will split the pile of money equally, and we can have a good late-night snack.”
Silas smiled naively: “I think, sometimes, there will always be a little surprise. Maybe Mr. Bucham is a dark horse.”
After listening to Silas’s words, Kiera patted him on the shoulder and praised him: “You have ideas and courage. When Mr.
Bucham comes out later, we will shout loudly to him, Come on. We are few, but we can’t lose.”
Silas smiled and said, “That’s natural.”

Then he naturally stood with Kiera. Those who had bet on Kendrick to win stood aside, and everyone laughed at Kiera and the
two of them who were going to lose.
When Kendrick and Julian came out after changing their clothes, Julian was a little surprised when they saw everyone standing
Kendrick said habitually, “No need to ask; it must be my brother who asked everyone to bet again on who of us would lose and
who would win.”
Kendrick glanced at Kenneth’s team, then looked at Kiera, the only student who chose to bet on Julian, and asked with a smile,
“How much money do you two have? If you lose, will it be enough to give them a midnight snack?”
Kiera said, “Brother, how about you place a bet yourself?”
“Whatever I bet, I bet myself. Maybe you two will change your minds and bet Julian. They will all regret it, thinking that I will
deliberately lose to Julian so that I can win money.”
Kendrick felt that he had definitely won over Julian.
Since he became famous, many people in the same industry have come to challenge him, but he has been defeated every time.
Kiera said that Julian was agile and a real martial artist. After all, she had never seen Julian do anything. In addition, Julian was
from a rich family. Even if he knew some moves, he would definitely not be as good as someone like Kendrick, who had been
practicing martial arts since he was a child.
Therefore, Kendrick never thought about losing.
Julian smiled and asked Kenneth, “Second brother, how many bets have you placed in total? How much is the amount?”
Kenneth had already counted it, and he replied, “It’s not much; it’s only more than $5000 in total. The students don’t have much
money, so they just join in the fun. It’s mainly money from me and a few coaches. Brother, you have to work hard. I took out all
the cash I had. It’s more than $3000 in total. If you lose, I will have to eat the wind before paying my salary.”

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