Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2597

“However, Mr. Bucham has come from afar and is a guest. Brother, you must also give Mr. Bucham three moves.”
Kenneth was as confident as Kendrick, thinking that he would definitely win. Although the amount of the bet on Kiera’s side was
too small—only more than $900 in total—it was better than nothing.
Julian smiled and said, “That’s not necessary. Kendrick and I are just trying to compete. We don’t have to fight until the point is
reached. There is no need for Kendrick to give me three moves.”
Julian asked, “Kiera, how much did you two bet?”
Kiera opened her palms, holding more than $900. She also smiled and said, “That’s all. I and Silas have all the cash. Julian, you
have to use all your true skills to try to defeat my eldest brother, and let us win once.”
“Every time someone comes to challenge my eldest brother, everyone bets on him to win. It’s not fun at all, and there’s no
surprise at all. Just give us a surprise. If you beat my eldest brother, and when you’re on a business trip in Yonsburg for a period
of time, I will prepare delicious food for you every day and make you gain a few pounds.”
Julian smiled and said, “I don’t know if you are good at making such a promise. I’m fat and don’t look good.”
“It’s not obvious just how many pounds you have gained. You are so tall, you really can’t tell if you have gained a few pounds.
Besides, you are a bit thin now. Add a few pounds, and you will have a standard male model figure. I will keep you going back to
Wiltspoon. You can charm a whole class of girls, and there will be a long queue of girls who want to marry you.”
Julian smiled: “It sounds pretty good; I’ll try my best.”
As he said that, he took out his wallet, took out all his cash, walked up to Kendrick, handed the money to Kendrick with a smile,
and said, “Brother, I will also deposit it with you.”
Kendrick smiled and said, “Julian, don’t you even have confidence in yourself?”
With a smile on his face, Kendrick’s hands moved very quickly. He took Julian’s money, which was estimated to be several
thousand dollars.
Julian replied, “I think your bet is too small. If Kiera wins, it will only be a few thousand dollars. If I add more, it will exceed 10,000
dollars. Kiera and the others will be happy if they win.”
Won over $10,000 in one fell swoop. It could make Kiera jump with joy.

Julian knew that Kiera didn’t have much savings.
Last time she took her children to Wiltspoon to participate in a competition and stayed at the Wiltspoon Hotel, which cost her a
lot of money.
She said that her monthly income, apart from all her expenses, didn’t leave much money.
The Caron family was not short of money.
However, Mr. Caron and his wife taught their children that all the money in the family was earned by their parents. It was their
parents’ money, not theirs. If they wanted money, they had to earn it through their own efforts.
Kiera and her two brothers really never thought about inheriting or dividing the family’s money.
Julian’s words made Kendrick speechless. After a while, Kendrick smiled and said, “Why do I feel like I’ve eaten dog food?”
Julian said, “Kiera is my savior. I can’t let my savior lose money because she supports me.”
Kendrick said, “No matter how good you talk, you can’t win more than ten thousand dollars. Come on, we can help you shout
“come on” a few times. Come on, come on, everyone, get out of the way and let your coach compete with Mr. Bucham from
“It’s just a competition; don’t hurt anyone.”
When Julian came off the stage, he hugged Kendrick and said to Kendrick, “Kendrick, I hope you will be merciful later.”
After hearing Julian’s words, everyone laughed.

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