Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2599

Everyone looked at Silas.
Silas chuckled and said, “Our sister Caron doesn’t have a boyfriend anyway. If Mr. Bucham beats Coach Caron, I will match up
sister Caron and Mr. Bucham.”
In Silas’s eyes, Kiera and Julian were a match made in heaven; both were equally good-looking.
This was the first time in his life that he had seen such a good-looking man, Julian.
Julian was more handsome than the idol stars that the girls in his class chased, and he exuded a kind of… well, it should be
In short, Silas thought Julian was very good.
As long as Julian could defeat Kendrick so that Silas and Kiera could divide more than 10,000 dollars, Julian would be even
Kenneth said with a smile, “This naughty kid! Julian, you have to work hard. This naughty kid said that if you can make him win
money, he will help you and my sister get married for free.”
Kiera said, “Second brother, Silas is talking nonsense, and you are talking nonsense too.”
She was going to be laughed to death.
She lightly kicked Silas and cursed with a smile: “You br*t, do you want to laugh me to death?”
Silas chuckled.
Kenneth also laughed and asked Julian, “Do I want to lose to you?”
“Brother Kendrick will lose to me, but there is no need for him to lose deliberately. I can beat him by luck.” Julian said it
Kenneth especially admired Julian’s confidence.
It’s been over ten minutes.
Kendrick did not dare look down upon Julian anymore, knowing that Julian was a hidden master.

He even suspected that Julian could actually defeat him easily. However, Julian did not decide quickly. Instead, he delayed for a
longer time. If he lost to Julian, Julian could say that it was a fluke or his inheritance.
This way, he wouldn’t be too embarrassed.
Kendrick’s suspicion was somewhat correct in guessing Julian’s plan.
Julian wanted to delay Kendrick for a long time and narrowly defeated him. Several coaches present could see that this could
save Kendrick’s face. Another reason was that Kendrick was indeed very powerful, and Julian was not.
“Julian, I particularly appreciate your confidence. You are really a strong person. Our Kiera didn’t make any mistakes.”
Kendrick was not angry that Julian could defeat him, let alone jealous of Julian.
Kendrick had been in a huge number of competitions, both big and small, since he started training. His father told him a lot of
times that even though he was the best young player in Yuncheng, he wasn’t the best player in the whole country.
In his life, he would meet many, many more powerful people than him.
Let him not be arrogant or jealous of others, but know how to appreciate the talents of others and accept losing and winning
In Kiera’s words, the Caron Family Martial Arts Gym focused primarily on martial ethics.
As the future head of the Caron Family Martial Arts Gym, Kendrick possessed this.
He was tolerant.
Julian also said, “Brother Kendrick, you’re the most powerful person in boxing and kicking that I have ever encountered.”
The two competed for nearly an hour. Julian seized an opportunity and made a dangerous move to knock Kendrick to the
ground, narrowly defeating him.

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