Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2600

Kenneth and all the coaches present could see that Julian had used a trick to narrowly win.
But it was a victory.
Kendrick did not lose to Julian on purpose. Julian really defeated him.
Julian stretched out his hand to pull up Kendrick and then clasped his fists at him: “Brother Kendrick, I accept.”
Kendrick smiled and said, “I didn’t let you. It was you who found my weakness and won by surprise. Julian, I give up.”
Julian was still modest.
The field was quiet, but the sound of two people talking brought everyone back from the silence.
Silas jumped up, danced, patted Kiera’s shoulder again, and shouted, “Sister Caron, Sister Caron, we won the bet; Mr. Bucham
defeated Coach Caron; we won more than 10,000 dollars. It’s all ours; haha, I have half a year’s late-night snack money!”
The other students looked at Silas, who jumped up and listened to Silas’s happy shouts. They looked at Silas with envy and
Kiera was also stunned.
She saw Julian showing off his skills last time and knew that Julian knew martial arts, and Julian also admitted it.
She guessed that Julian’s martial arts would not be inferior to hers, but she didn’t expect that Julian could really defeat her elder
brother; even if it was a narrow victory, it was still a win.
“Sister Caron, sister Qin.” Silas, who was happy to win money, patted Kiera again and smiled: “Sister Caron, go and get the
money we won.”
As Silas said that, he ran towards Julian, hugged Julian regardless of it, and shouted happily: “Mr. Bucham, no, no, no, brother-
in-law, I said, if you beat Coach Caron, I will call you brother-in-law. Hahaha, brother-in-law, you are so great; you actually
defeated Coach Caron and won me half a year’s midnight snack fees, hahaha!”

Julian pushed the happy, naughty boy away with a little effort and said funnyly, “Don’t you see, it was your coach, Caron, who
recognized me? I am also trying to take advantage of it. I came from afar as a guest. He really didn’t want to let me lose.”
Silas was stunned. “Mr. Bucham, did Coach Caron ask you to do this? I didn’t see it. I only saw that you knocked down our
coach, Caron. Didn’t you win the battle?”
Silas had been learning martial arts for several years and had not yet reached the level of a coach. He couldn’t see that Julian
was trying to take advantage of the situation, nor could he see that Coach Caron was being polite.
Soon, Silas laughed again and said, “No matter how you win, Mr. Bucham, Sister Caron, and I won money anyway.”
Kiera came over, lifted Silas behind him, and said to Julian, “This kid is so happy that he won money; he is talking nonsense.
But, Julian, you still won, and I was prepared to lose money. I didn’t expect you to give us a surprise.”
As she said that, she punched Julian and said to him, “You really hide your secrets!”
No matter how Julian won, he was still on par with her eldest brother. He was even more powerful than her.
That night in Wiltspoon, if she hadn’t taken action, Julian should have been able to beat those bad guys to pieces, right?
Julian said humbly, “It’s really Kendrick who asked me. It’s him who wants you to win money and taste the feeling of losing.”
Kiera and Silas had already gone to get the winning money.
Kenneth reluctantly handed the more than ten thousand dollars to Kiera, looked at Kendrick, and complained, “Brother, you
haven’t lost in a long time, so do you want to taste losing? You want to lose? Tell me, and I will fight with you.
All the wealth I brought with me today has been lost to Kiera. Next, I will save money on food and clothing, live frugally, and look
forward to the day when my salary will be paid soon.”
Kendrick smiled and said, “Who asked you to bet all your wealth? Didn’t you see that Julian was full of confidence from the
beginning to the end?”
None of them had seen Julian’s skills. Only their sister, Kiera, had seen Julian’s moves, but not many. Julian was an unknown to
Kenneth said, “Brother, you’re also full of confidence from the beginning to the end.”

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