Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2603

Julian smiled: “Kiera, if you look at me like this, I will be proud, haha.”
“You have capital and pride.”
“Ring ring ring…”
Kiera’s cell phone rang.
She took out her mobile phone, saw the call from her mother, and said to Julian, “My mother called me at this time, and she must
have told me that tomorrow’s blind date is canceled.”
After Kiera answered the call, sure enough, Mrs. Caron said to her on the phone, “What a high-quality man introduced by the
matchmaker Foley. He has no opinion and just follows what others say. He believes everything others say. I don’t even dislike
him for being fat, like a pig, but he actually dislikes you for being a violent maniac.
Actually, he is a violent maniac. His whole family is violent. His whole family thinks there are no men in the world except that pig-
headed man. You are so angry with me, Kiera; please give me some credit and find a young, handsome, and capable boyfriend
and slap them hard in the face.”
Kiera said, “Mom, calm down. I’ve known this for a long time. I don’t have any hope. Besides, I’m only twenty-four years old.
Don’t worry. In a few years, I will bring you a real, high-quality man. Come back and slap them in the face.”
Kiera had grown accustomed to her blind date rejecting her.
The matchmakers in Yonsburg have all said that they didn’t want to do business with Mr. Caron’s daughter, as it would easily
lower their performance and cause them to suffer setbacks.
Kiera was young and beautiful, good at both civil and military skills, and had a good family background, but just because she had
been practicing martial arts since she was a child and had an impressive martial arts, her blind date was intimidated.
Mrs. Caron suspected that someone was treading water and deliberately went to the blind date to speak ill of Kiera, saying that
Kiera used to be a fighting king, and even a grown man could not bear the punch she threw.
Mrs. Caron said, “You are good at talking. No matter how many times you have said it, you have never brought a boyfriend back.
It was your father who harmed you. I gave birth to you and wanted to raise you to be a lady, but he insisted on teaching you to
learn martial arts, and you are better at it. Others think you are too powerful and think you can kill someone with just one fist.”

Kiera smiled and said, “Mom, they think I can beat them with my fists, so let them go. I don’t want a man like that either.”
Mrs. Caron complained on the phone for a full twenty minutes before Kiera coaxed her to hang up.
When she looked up, she found Julian looking at her with gentle eyes. Kiera was stunned for a moment, thinking that he was
being deceived. Then she calmed down and looked again. When she met Julian’s dark eyes, the corners of her mouth were
slightly curved, and she was smiling.
She must have been blinded just now.
Julian was smiling.
“Tomorrow’s blind date was ruined again?” Julian asked her.
Kiera agreed and said nonchalantly, “I have been targeted by matchmakers since I was twenty years old. At first, they rushed to
introduce me to boyfriends and even stepped down the threshold of my family. Now, they have all said he wouldn’t do my
business. Even those who wanted to do my business would introduce me to all kinds of cats and dogs.
Treat me like a garbage recycling bin. In two years, Julian, I may have to ask you to help me introduce a boyfriend and bring him
back to deal with my mother.”
Julian pursed his lips and asked her, “Can I be your boyfriend?”
Kiera: “Aren’t we friends?”
When she first met Julian, Kiera would feel her heart beat faster when facing Julian’s handsome face, but now she no longer
feels this way.
Julian said, “We are friends, but we can develop into boyfriends and girlfriends. Kiera, you see, I am unmarried, and you are
unmarried. We are both urged to get married by our elders. In fact, we can become a couple, of course. If you think I’m too old,
just pretend I didn’t say it.”
Kiera: “I don’t like generals. If I like you in the future, no matter how old you are, I won’t dislike you.”
Kiera talked openly with Julian about their relationship in person, without any shyness. In her eyes, Julian was just like her senior

Gradually, they would become familiar with it, and once they became familiar with it, they would no longer feel excited.

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