Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2605

Callum coaxed Camryn with a guilty conscience: “Honey, you continue to sleep. I will go downstairs to prepare breakfast for you
later and then wake you up. When you are full, you can catch up on some sleep.”
Camryn stared at him and said, “Trenton is back; we are going to visit the prison today.”
Callum: “It’s mainly Trenton’s business. It doesn’t matter whether you go or not. Just sleep a little longer at home. I promise not
to come tonight and let you have a day of rest.”
After saying that, Callum smiled shyly and said, “I am already thirty, and I just got a wife. I was so happy that I went a little crazy.”
Mainly because at the beginning last night, he was too fast, which made him depressed for a while, thinking that there was
something wrong with him.
Camryn also comforted him and said that he could go to the doctor, and she accompanied him to the doctor.
Who knew that her comfort would make him even more depressed?
Thinking that Callum was tall, handsome, young, and promising, but he had problems in that area, he became extremely
depressed and even wanted to hide and cry.
He loved her so much, and the two of them finally reached the stage of receiving the certificate, but…
While she was taking a shower, he secretly called Zachary and told him that he was sick and needed to see a male doctor. He
wanted Zachary to take some time to accompany him to the hospital.
Zachary was shocked and asked him what was wrong with him?
Callum told Zachary about his situation, but Zachary fell silent on the phone.
Then, without saying a word, Zachary hung up the phone.
Not long after, Zachary sent him a long message. Only after reading the message did he know what was going on.
Then he caught her and tried it again after taking a bath. The more she tried, the more addicted she became. It was a bit too
Camryn kicked him again, but the force was not strong.

Camryn: “I want to take a shower.”
“Okay, okay, I’ll put the bath water in.”
Callum kissed her on the lips, then slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom in a happy mood.
Looking at his messy look, Camryn muttered, “You can’t believe even a single word!”
Hungry wolf!
After silently scolding Hungry Wolf hundreds of times in her heart, Camryn became a little calmer.
Half an hour later, Callum walked out of the room feeling refreshed and in a beautiful mood, humming a little tune, and went
downstairs to prepare breakfast for his wife.
As soon as he got down to the first floor, he saw Trenton coming in wearing a sports uniform. Without asking, he knew that
Trenton had gotten up early and gone for a morning jog.
“Trenton, morning.” Callum greeted his brother-in-law briskly.
“Brother-in-law, morning.” Trenton responded.
Seeing that Callum was very happy, he asked, “Brother-in-law, is there anything good that you can do so early in the morning? I
see that you’re in a very good mood. If you have any good things, tell me and let me listen. Let me have some fun too.”
Trenton was feeling a little down.
He was going to visit the prison today.
After his parents went in, he never saw them. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see them, but the sentence hadn’t been decided yet,
and they couldn’t see them except for the lawyer.
After the verdict was handed down, he went to school again and never saw his parents.
“It’s okay. As long as I’m with your sister, I’ll be happy every day.”

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