Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2606

Callum knew the reason why Trenton was in a bad mood, so he comforted him: “When you go to visit your parents, you have to
cheer up and show that you are doing well outside, so your parents won’t worry about you.
You are an adult now. You need to have the courage to face everything and take on the responsibilities that are yours.
I know that you and your eldest sister are of the same mind, but your eldest sister has never thought of taking advantage of you.
Don’t worry, what is yours is always yours, so don’t think about it, and don’t imitate your second sister.”
Trenton hummed, “Brother-in-law, I know. My eldest sister and I just want to keep everything in the Newman family. My second
sister has already started looking for a lawyer and is preparing to file a lawsuit with my eldest sister.”
That’s why he came back from leave.
If he took Camryn’s side, even if Carrie won the lawsuit, she wouldn’t get much of the family property.
By the way, while the parents were still alive, Carrie would have to file a lawsuit to fight for the family property. Was it interesting?
The main reason was that his parents cooperated with him and transferred all the property to his name so that Carrie could win
the property by filing a lawsuit? Except for his second uncle’s property, the rest belonged to his parents. Their parents were not
old people in their eighties or nineties. They were only in their fifties and were very clear-headed.
His parents’ property could be given to whomever they wanted. It’s useless for Carrie to be angry. Even if they had no contact
with him or their parents for the rest of their lives, they couldn’t change it.
Of course, Trenton would not tell Carrie about this, so he would just let her do the hard work. In the end, it would be all in vain.
Callum said, “You go for a run. Go upstairs, take a shower, change your clothes, and then come down for breakfast. I’ll make
breakfast. What do you want to eat?”
Trenton: “Brother-in-law, I’m not picky about food. I’ll eat whatever you make for breakfast. Brother-in-law, you’re a good cook.
Whatever you make, I think it’s delicious.”
Callum smiled and said, “Then I’ll just prepare something. You can go upstairs later. Don’t disturb your eldest sister. She’s tired.
Let her sleep more.”
“Didn’t my eldest sister not go to work yesterday?” Trenton asked suspiciously, “Why is she tired? Is she feeling tired due to a
reaction to the medicine?”

Trenton knew that although Camryn had regained her sight, she was still taking medicine every day, thinking that she had taken
too many medicines and had developed drug resistance and had a reaction.
“No, she just chatted with me too late last night and didn’t go to bed until early in the morning. It’s still very early. She didn’t sleep
enough. Let her sleep a little longer. How about I accompany you to visit the prison?”
Nominally, Callum was the son-in-law of Mr. Newman and his wife. They were also related and could visit them in prison.
“If my eldest sister is still resting when we go out, then please ask my brother-in-law to accompany me.”
Trenton did not doubt Callum’s words, thinking that they were really chatting until midnight, causing his sister to lack sleep.
“Ring ring ring…”
The doorbell rings.
Trenton muttered, “Who is here so early in the morning? Brother-in-law, let me go out and take a look.”
Callum hummed.
After Trenton went out, Callum turned and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the siblings.
Trenton walked out of the main house and walked towards the gate of the villa.
The doorbell changed to a knock on the door, accompanied by a familiar shout: “Camryn, come out, Camryn, you freeze my
bank card; why do you freeze my bank card?”
The person who came to Newman’s house early in the morning and rang the doorbell was none other than Carrie.
She took her two aunts and cousins out for supper last night, so naturally, she treated them generously.
She took out the bank card she often used before, and when she wanted to swipe the card, the waiter told her that her bank card
could not be used.
As a last resort, she spent cash.
It was the tens of thousands of dollars in cash she got from the safe.

She also withdrew the $30,000 from the bank card that Mrs. Janzen gave her.
She was afraid that Mrs. Janzen would go back on her word and freeze her bank card, so she would not get a penny.

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