Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2607

The wolf dogs kept in the backyard were kept off the leash at night. It was still early, and the servants who were looking after the
wolf dogs had not tied them up yet. When Carrie’s shouts were heard, the four wolf dogs started to move and rushed over.
They went straight to the gate of the villa.
Carrie wanted to tear down the door. When she saw the four wolf dogs rushing towards them, she was so frightened that she
backed away. She no longer dared to shout, and her face was filled with fear.
It seemed that she was quite frightened by these wolf dogs. Also, they were all bitten, and she had a psychological shadow over
these wolfdogs.
Although the butler paid her money to get the rabies vaccine and serum, the place where she was bitten still hurts a little, and
she had nightmares at night about being chased and bitten by a wolf dog.
In her heart, Carrie hated Camryn.
She had never unleashed a few wolf dogs to bite Camryn before.
Besides, when she punished Camryn in the past, when did she really take advantage?
Camryn always looked silent and weak and could be bullied, but in fact she was as cunning as a fox. Every time she fell into
Camryn’s hands and complained to her mother, even if her mother was biased towards her, she would help her. When she vents
her anger, she will also scold her.
She scolded her for not even being able to deal with a blind woman.
“Trenton? Trenton, when did you come back?”
When she saw Trenton, Carrie took two steps forward, but she didn’t dare to go near the door for fear that the wolf dogs would
be on the door and bite her.
Carrie said, “Trenton, hurry up and ask someone to pull these be*sts away. My legs are weak when I see them. You don’t know
that your eldest sister, that blind woman, is so cruel. She actually let the wolf dog bite me. Trenton, you have to vent your anger
on my behalf.”
Trenton wanted to scare away the wolf dogs. Since he was rarely at home, the wolf dogs didn’t listen to him, so it was a good
thing they didn’t attack him.

It was the servant who heard the dog barking and came out quickly. Seeing this scene, the servant trotted over.
“Master, I didn’t scare you, did I?”
The servant apologized: “I just got up, and they all ran to the front yard without paying attention. I immediately took them to the
back to tie them up.”
During the day, the servants couldn’t let wolves and dogs run around without Camryn’s instructions, for fear of hurting people.
They must be tethered, and they must be cared for at night before they are allowed to roam freely.
“It didn’t scare me, but they don’t listen to me either. You take them back to the backyard and tie them on a rope.”
The servant glanced at Carrie and finally understood why the wolf dogs were running wildly into the front yard so early in the
He called away some wolf dogs and took them back to the backyard.
After the servant and four dogs left, Trenton went to open the door.
Trenton said, “Second sister, you came here so early in the morning and screamed, which made the eldest sister angry. You
deserve to suffer.”
Trenton didn’t like Carrie. After all, she was a biological sister with the same father and mother, so his attitude was quite

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