Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2609

“Get more,” Carrie said. “I don’t have much money now. I’m so poor that I can hardly afford to eat.”
Trenton said, “Second sister, you can find a job. As long as you are willing to do it, you can find a job, no matter what. If you are
not starved to death, those who will be starved to death are all lazy people.”
Carrie said with a dark face, “What kind of job should I look for? Do I, the second young lady of the Newman family, need to find
a job? My parents didn’t let me work in the past, saying that I was born to be a rich lady and deserved to be blessed.
If Camryn hadn’t frozen my bank card, how would I have no money? Do I need to be taught a lesson by you?”
Trenton’s face also turned ugly. “Second sister, I’m not giving you a lecture. I’m just telling you that things are different between
us now and then. We have to work hard to make money so we can live. You’re not afraid of bank cards either, even if your oldest
sister freezes your card.
Just because you are incompetent, my eldest sister froze your bank card, and you will be hindered everywhere.”
Carrie said, “Okay, get the money for me quickly. I know you want to help that blind woman. You and she both have different
dads but the same mom. We are related because our parents are the same. I don’t even know what kind of soup she fed you or
what made you trust her so much?
She is going to occupy our family property and make it difficult for us to survive. You are still standing by her side. You are simply
a fool. Oh, she didn’t freeze your bank card; is she just being nice to you? Let me tell you, she is coaxing you. After she takes
over our property, she will definitely kick you away. Then you won’t have anywhere to cry.”
Carrie just couldn’t understand why Trenton, who was also the child of her parents, didn’t side with her and her parents but sided
with Camryn.
“My eldest sister is definitely not that kind of person.” Trenton said angrily, “Second Sister, if you say this again, I won’t give you
any money. If you don’t want to starve to death, just find a job to support yourself.”
Sometimes Trenton got a part-time job when he had extra time to make some extra cash, even when he already had plenty of it.
He just wanted to be self-reliant.
Carrie said, “Okay, okay, I won’t say anything anymore; let’s get it done.”
She wanted to coax Trenton into giving her money, but she stopped talking.

Then she quickly coaxed Trenton to go in and help her get the money.
Trenton knew that Carrie was just coaxing him, but after all, she was the biological sister of the same father and mother. He was
also aware of this sister’s bad temper and her parents’ spoiled lifestyle. She was willful and had no ability; even though she had
a small fortune in her name, the bank card was frozen, and she couldn’t get the money out.
Finally, Trenton went back to the house to get some money for Carrie.
Callum heard footsteps in the kitchen. He took two steps out and saw Trenton coming in. He asked, “Trenton, who is here so
early in the morning?”
“My second sister, my eldest sister, froze her bank card. She came here to settle the account. When she heard that my brother-
in-law was here, she ran away quickly.”
Trenton’s words were half true and half false.
Carrie was afraid of Callum, but she did not leave.
Callum’s black eyes flickered, and he said, “She, don’t worry about her.”
With that said, Callum turned around and went back to his work.
Trenton was relieved to see that Callum did not doubt his words but also felt a little guilty because he had lied to him.
He hurried upstairs.

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