Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2611

Camryn snatched the shirt he was about to stuff into the trash can and asked with concern, “What are you talking about? What
happened? What happened to you? Did she get involved with you?”
Callum’s face was ashen, and he said, “Carrie suddenly walked in quietly, then hugged me from behind and groped me. I thought
it was you, but when I turned around and saw it was Carrie, I exploded. While pushing her away, I also kicked her out and then
hit her with whatever I found.”
Camryn “…”
Camryn didn’t expect that Carrie would really dare to attack her man, and she would hug him directly and touch him randomly.
Callum probably didn’t expect Carrie to be so bold. He thought it was her, but when he found out it was Carrie, he exploded.
“Honey, she has touched this dress. Throw it away. I don’t want it any more! Except for you, no other woman can touch me, not
even my clothes. I don’t even want my clothes!”
With that said, Callum snatched the top from Camryn’s hand and stuffed it into the trash can again.
“I’ll throw it outside for you. If you throw it here, you will see it when you come in and out, and thinking of the disgusting things
she did will make you sick again and again.”
Camryn took the shirt back from his hand, then turned and walked out.
After walking out of the main house, she actually threw the top in the large trash can outside.
Seeing Trenton walking back from the gate of the villa, she stopped there, waited for him to come closer, and asked, “Did she get
“The second sister ran away like she was running for her life. Eldest sister, what happened? My brother-in-law suddenly became
angry. What was the reason? I saw my brother-in-law smashing a lot of dishes on the second sister’s back. The second sister’s
back was probably hit. Get red and swollen.”
Trenton would never have imagined that Carrie would want to seduce Callum.

“She deserves it. Callum can smash her to death. I haven’t learned the good thing, but I have learned a lot about her
Camryn brought his own mother in.
Not only did her biological mother have an affair with her uncle after marriage, the two of them conspired to kill her biological
father in order to be a long-term couple and to monopolize all the Newman family’s property.
She didn’t want to tell Trenton this because she was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to bear it.
Trenton’s expression changed slightly. “Sister, what did the second sister do? Why is Mom involved? Mom…”
Thinking that his mother first married his second uncle, gave birth to his eldest sister, and then killed his second uncle before
marrying his father and having him and his second sister, Trenton thought that his mother might have been with him when his
second uncle was still alive. His face turned ugly because of what his biological father said.
Camryn scolded Carrie for being shameless. Could it be that while he was going upstairs, Carrie quietly entered the house and
entered the kitchen to seduce the brother-in-law?
Trenton: “Eldest sister, second sister… went to flirt with my brother-in-law?”
Camryn didn’t answer, so he acquiesced.
Trenton’s face became even more ugly. He hated Carrie so much that he couldn’t help but blame himself. Soon, he blamed
Because he was the one who let Carrie in, he also wanted to give her money.
Carrie just ran away like she was running for her life. Trenton didn’t have time to give her the more than one thousand dollars he
How could Carrie do this?
Didn’t she say that she was very afraid of Callum?

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