Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2613

After a kiss, Camryn leaned on his chest, and after a moment, she left his arms.
Raising her hand to touch his face, she said, “I will never let Carrie touch you in the future! Husband, no other woman can touch
you except me!”
Callum said, “Wife, you have to do what you say.”
His anger had long since disappeared.
Carrie hugged Callum’s waist from behind and touched his chest twice. When he realized it was not his wife, he immediately
pushed her away.
Callum said, “Do not allow Carrie to appear in front of me in the future, or I will kick her each time I see her. I’m willing to make
an exception for the female pervert who takes advantage of me in order to teach her a lesson.”
Camryn promised: “I will never let her appear in front of you in the future. If she dares to come again, I can beat her out without
you taking action. It’s shameless.” She touched his handsome face again and said, “Husband, you’re very good-looking and
excellent. You’re like a magnet, and you attract attention wherever you go, so many people will take notice of you.
Many people think that I am not worthy of you. They say that I am blind and not favored at home. Even if I later took over
Newman’s business, others said that I relied on the help of you and Brother Dal.”
When Camryn made up her mind and decided to be with Callum, she knew that she would face those rumors.
The environment she grew up in was not good, so she didn’t care what others said about her, as long as Callum didn’t mind and
didn’t dislike her.
“Let them say whatever they want about you; I’ll cut their tongues out and feed them to the dogs!” Callum said fiercely, “I know
whether you are worthy or not. Do they need to talk more? I just like you and want to marry you to make them jealous. Wife, I will
let you live like an object of envy.”
Camryn helped him tidy up his clothes; her eyes were gentle and exuding happiness, and she said, “I am the envy of others
Camryn said, “Which woman who marries your York family is not the envy of others? Let’s go downstairs to have breakfast at
Trenton’s place. I will have a good talk with him later.”

Callum held her hand and said, “You can handle the matter between your brother and sister by yourself. I am Trenton’s brother-
in-law. If I talk too much, Trenton will hate me, and I’m afraid that my life will be difficult.”
Camryn cared about her younger brother Trenton very much.
Callum would usually not interfere in matters between siblings unless they were in a terrible quarrel and needed him to mediate,
then he would intervene.
Trenton stood on the stairs on the first floor. He felt sorry for Camryn and Callum. He blamed himself so much that he couldn’t
even sit still. He kept standing there, waiting for Camryn to come downstairs.
Finally seeing Camryn and Callum, Trenton moved his lips, wanting to say something, but in the end he said nothing and just
watched the young couple go downstairs guiltily.
When Callum led Camryn downstairs, Trenton mustered up the courage to apologize to Callum. He said, “Brother-in-law, I’m
sorry; I shouldn’t have lied and left you unprepared. I didn’t know that the second sister would….sorry.”
After Callum looked at him for a while, he said calmly, “Let’s go have breakfast.”
As he spoke, he led Camryn past his brother-in-law.
Trenton turned around and looked at the backs of the young couple. After a moment of silence, he followed them into the dining
During breakfast, Trenton had no appetite. He always wanted to say something. He saw Callum taking care of Camryn and the
young couple talking to themselves, but he couldn’t get a word in.

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