Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2616

The girl obviously didn’t believe Callum’s words.
Callum smiled and said, “It’s good that this is the York Corporation, and there are many people surnamed York working here, but
the York Corporation has many branches, involving all walks of life, and not all of them belong to the York Corporation. People
are here, and they will work in other branches.
And not everyone surnamed York can work in the York Corporation.”
Some people from the York family who were incompetent or didn’t want to work under the York Corporation would wander
around and work in other companies.
“That’s right. I thought it was too simple. I’m sorry to bother you, sir.”
The girl felt that Callum’s words made sense, and it could not be said that anyone surnamed York would definitely work in the
York Corporation.
Evan York may not really work here.
She didn’t know where to find him.
That bad guy, didn’t let her find him, wait until she found him, he would look good!
The girl left quickly.
A security guard quickly opened the company’s door and let Callum drive in.
After Callum’s car parked in the parking lot, he got out of the car, took out his mobile phone, and called Evan while walking to the
office building. When Evan answered the phone, he asked, “Evan, what bad things did you do?”
“Brother, I’m in a meeting. If you have anything to do, I’ll talk to you in ten minutes, okay?”
Evan was indeed in a meeting.
Like his elder brother, he required everyone to mute their cell phones during meetings and couldn’t answer the phone during the
meeting. Even if he answered the phone, he could only say a few words before hanging up quickly.
“Okay, I’ll call you in ten minutes.”

Callum hung up the phone.
He entered the office building.
Josh came out, and the two met at the door of the office building.
Several executives were following Josh. They were going to the Wiltspoon Hotel to discuss business.
Seeing Callum, several executives greeted him one after another. Callum nodded, looked at Josh, and asked, “Want to go to the
“Well, you’re here. I’ll leave the ten o’clock meeting to you. I don’t know if I can make it back.”
Josh thought Callum would not return to the company today.
Callum would run out whenever anything happened and hand over the company to him, as if the York Corporation belonged to
Fortunately, the young masters of the York family had also begun to enter the workplace and business world.
After training for a period of time, Zachary had to arrange for a few younger brothers to work at the headquarters. That way, with
a few more people sharing the workload, Josh could feel more relaxed.
“Okay, go ahead.” Callum responded.
Josh left with several senior executives.
A few minutes later, Callum returned to his office. He first sent a message to Camryn and asked her, “Are you already there?”
Camryn replied to him, “Almost there.”
Callum: “Let’s have lunch together.”
Camryn: “Alright.”
Callum sent Camryn a red-lipped emoticon and then said, “I’m busy first.”
Camryn replied with a “hmm” expression.

After sitting for another two minutes, Callum called Evan again.
“Brother, is there something urgent for me?” Evan asked with a smile on the phone.
“If you need my help with anything, brother, just ask.”
Evan thought that Callum needed his help for something. Callum and Camryn were now in a very good relationship. They would
not call him even if they had nothing to do, but kept calling him one after another.
Callum said, “I met a strange girl just now at the entrance of the company. She was about 24 or 25 years old and quite pretty.
She stopped my car and asked me if you worked in York Corporation. She wants to find you, but she doesn’t have your contact

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