Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2617

Callum continued: “Evan, what have you done to offend her? She came here.”
Evan: “…Girl? What’s her name?”
Callum: “She didn’t say. Did you steal other people’s things? Or took advantage of them? I think her teeth were itching when she
mentioned you. She wants to settle a score with you, right?”
Hearing that the girl didn’t tell Callum the reason for looking for him, Evan said, “Brother, am I that kind of person? Our family
lacks everything, and I need to steal other people’s things? Others won’t steal our family’s things. That’s pretty good.
It’s impossible for me to take advantage of others. She must have recognized the wrong person. I don’t even know a few young
girls. The people I usually deal with are all aunts.”
Those strong women who were strong enough to do business with him and Evan were generally over forty years old.
Callum said, “Is it the goal grandma set for you?”
Evan said with a guilty conscience, “No, absolutely not; I haven’t even taken any action. The target grandma gave me was a
wealthy daughter and a famous lady, but the woman I always dream about is not the same as the target grandma gave me.
I was afraid that I would be the first man in our York family to get divorced in the future, so I didn’t dare to take action. I also
asked my grandma to help me change my goal. Grandma was not happy and asked me to solve it myself. How should I solve it?
Anyway, I’m mentally prepared that I won’t be able to go home for the New Year in a year. Grandma is just being tough. When
the New Year comes, she won’t be able to see me, so she will soften her heart and ask me to go home for the New Year.”
Evan said confidently, “The older grandma gets, the more she likes to have a house full of children and grandchildren. Without a
grandson to celebrate the New Year at home, her New Year’s Eve dinner will not be delicious.”
Callum chuckled, “Don’t be like Kevin. He delayed it for half a year and finally had to take action. And now he has not become
Hayden’s legitimate boyfriend. He is just a rumored boyfriend. Hayden is not willing to reveal her true identity for his sake.
It would be great if he could bring Hayden back to celebrate the New Year. I guess he doesn’t have the ability yet. Hayden is a
very calm and serious person, and I won’t impulsively come back with him to celebrate the New Year.
Evan, you are my biological brother. We are from the same mother. I will never cheat you. As long as you fall in love with the
girlfriend your grandma introduced to you, you will feel that getting married is not scary at all. Look at me now. It’s quite happy.

Grandma is partial to you all. She has chosen daughters from famous families for you. Although your second sister-in-law is also
from a wealthy family, your second sister-in-law was blind at the time and could not see. There are still so many people talking
about me and your second sister-in-law that it’s not a good match.
But I did not hesitate at all. I believed in grandma’s vision and went straight to approach your second sister-in-law and pursue
your second sister-in-law. After contacting her, I gradually understood grandma’s intentions and felt that your second sister-in-law
is very suitable for me, and I suit her too.
Although Kevin muttered for half a year before taking action, he and Hayden can be considered to complement each other. They
are a perfect match together. We are much luckier than the eldest brother. At least Grandma did not directly force us to get a
marriage certificate. She gave us a year to develop a relationship.”
In the past, they would have thought that Serenity’s status was a bit ordinary, but later they knew that Serenity was a descendant
of the Farrell family in Jensburg; her status was not that ordinary.
Serenity has always been self-respecting, self-loving, self-reliant, and self-disciplined. Now she is raising the baby at home after
becoming pregnant. After she gives birth to the baby, she will slowly run her own business, which will always make people feel
that she is really worthy of her eldest brother.
Life is so long, and some people are late bloomers.
In fact, they are not very good, but they have a better fate than everyone else, and they can be reincarnated into the richest man
in York’s family.
If they hadn’t been born into a good family, it would be impossible for them to have such a career at their current age.
“Brother, you don’t have to help Grandma persuade me. I’m not in a hurry anyway. Brother, I’m still busy. Let’s get busy first.
Let’s eat together when we have time.”
After Evan finished speaking, he quickly hung up the phone.

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