Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2618

He was afraid that Callum would continue to ask questions.
He just saw the person he was entangled with in his dream and then did something to make the other person angry. In fact, he
didn’t even know the other person’s name, but he didn’t expect that the other person would know his name and find him. When
she came to the city, she even found the York Corporation.
A thief would always feel guilty. Although Evan felt that what he did was not bad, he felt very guilty and was afraid of being
tricked by Callum.

Zachary accompanied Serenity into the inpatient department. Serenity was holding a bouquet of flowers, and Zachary was
holding several bags in his hands.
The couple kept a low profile and did not bring any bodyguards.
He even wore black sunglasses and a mask to avoid being recognized.
The couple took the elevator to the floor of the obstetrics and gynecology inpatient department. When they got out of the
elevator, Serenity quickened her pace.
Zachary followed suit and reminded her softly: “Honey, don’t walk so fast. There are only a few steps left. Why are you in such a
Serenity: “My cousin is discharged from the hospital today.”
Zachary smiled lowly: “She is discharged from the hospital, and we can also go to her home to see the baby.”
Serenity liked babies. She was always a person who loved children. After she became pregnant, her maternal love overflowed,
and she became even more fond of children.
“I can watch it, but you have to wait until the full moon to watch it.”
Serenity slowed down. She turned to her husband and smiled: “I can go and see it every day.”
“That’s Clive’s son, and he’s not my son. I can’t see him for a month, so it doesn’t matter. If it were my son, I would want to see
him every day. When you are in confinement next year, I will also take forty days off, stay with you at home during confinement,

and watch our children grow up, one day at a time.”
Serenity: “It’s not like you are in confinement. You don’t need to take such a long leave. There are so many people in the family,
and there is no need for you to take a long leave to serve my mother and son.”
Zachary: “I want to be with you. You worked so hard to give birth to my child. I just put down my work to accompany you.
Compared with your efforts, this is nothing.”
The topic successfully made Serenity slow down. Zachary naturally held his wife’s hand, and the couple talked while walking.
Alice gave birth naturally and could have been discharged earlier. Clive insisted that Alice stay in the hospital for two more days.
The doctor repeatedly said that she could be discharged, so he agreed that Alice would be discharged and go home.
Then, the Stone family and the Lafayette family came to pick up Alice and her son from the hospital, and the room was full of
Alice also received many bouquets.
Seeing Serenity coming in with a bouquet of flowers, Alice smiled and said, “Seren, I received a whole room of bouquets this
morning. The baby also received a lot of new clothes and a lot of gold locks and bracelets.”
Her son was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
He will grow up to love thousands of people because he is the oldest grandson of a businessman.

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